May 20th, 2008

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I Actually Submitted a Suggestion

I Actually Submitted a Suggestion to suggestions

Imagine that! (smile)

I've always been one who commented at the community -- not someone making a suggestion...

But this one has been on my mind for ages. Maybe from the first time I ever logged in here...

My suggestion was as follows:

Have Cursor Appear Inside Text Field When Logging In

Short, concise description of the idea
When navigating to the login page, the cursor would automatically display inside the first/Username Text Field, ready for a user to begin typing.

Full description of the idea
Currently when you navigate to the login page ( the cursor isn't in the first/Username Text Field by default. I'd find it nice to be one step closer to logging myself in, such is true at any number of other sites where you login (like Yahoo!). It always surprises me that we have to put our cursor there to start the login process (even though I've been logging in here since 2002...).

An ordered list of benefits
I love anything that speeds up the login process at a given site. I know it sounds lazy, but it's one less step toward being logged in.

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
Clearly this would require coding and implementation, but I've honestly no clue as to how difficult such steps would be. I think most users would welcome the change.

I've no clue if it's going to be accepted or not, but it's kind of a big step for me to manage to post it, even so. And probably about time! I've always got a bunch of ideas banging around in my head, but I never share them...