May 18th, 2008

sigh (wishbone)

It's Dead, Jim.

Charlie's iPodI killed it. Yes, I did. I killed my poor iPod nano.

We're not sure how it happened, but when I went to plug it into the car today, it made a terrible noise and then froze up solid.

Well, it's had some small issues all along, actually. I've had a hard time turning it on and off and so on...

We think the Nano G2s (generation 2) were short-lived, probably because consumers had problems with them. We tried several things, but iTunes wouldn't recognize it, nor would either of our computers... (But I need to try the support suggestions listed here, because I haven't done that, yet. I'm doubtful it will help, but what the hell.)

Anyway, instead of 'crying' over it (not really), we're thinking we might go out and each buy an iPod Nano G3. This is what Marilyn mistressmarilyn originally wanted for her bday, anyway -- and now she wants me to have one, too. I want pink, she wants green. (smile)

She likes to use it for exercising, and as fun as the (amazing) iTouch is, it doesn't work for the treadmill or running. As long as I can wear mine hanging around my neck like a necklace, it's good by me! (grin)

In other news...

We went to Sue and Dennis' house for the Duct Tape Rose Party for a couple hours. We made roses out of duct tape and had food and drinks, hanging around mostly outside, near their fabulous swimming pool (which Dennis was wonderful enough to get ready for everyone -- even though it's tons of work and it's really early in the year for it).

Dennis and Sue are wonderful hosts. I feel happy just walking through their front door -- I kid you not.

Anyway, we took off to come to the office (we have a bunch of stuff we need to do), which is where I'm sitting typing this...

I should get to work, so I guess that's all for now! Yes, I'm sober (I didn't drink much -- and had a diet soda) and caffeinated, so I'm good to go. (heh)

Have I mentioned that Tom got us both Jamba Juice cards? Isn't that sweet? We'll have to find time to get there again soon and have another one. (Such a treat!) Tom so rocks...

I actually read some of my LJ Friends and commented a bit -- shock! What gives with that? (smile)