May 17th, 2008

css utopia

Hot, Hot, Hot

The high today was 95°.

No lie.

A record high for this day in Portland.

We worked, of course.

But after the CCC dress rehearsal, sister Sue, Angel, Marilyn and I went to dinner at the Taco House.

I'm watching the end of the third (my favorite) Indiana Jones movie on the SciFi Channel. Marilyn mistressmarilyn is just now having a nap on the sofa in the family room.

I had a nap earlier. I was cranky and sleepy and laid down several hours ago. I read my book (as I always do before taking a nap) and played with Henry (the cat). Not a bad night.

I got the Lexar Firefly at our local Freddies for $22.99! If you go to it HERE at the official Lexar website, you'll see it listed for $69.99 (not including shipping costs). Don't ask me why, as I've no clue! I only know you can get the 1 gig Lexar jump for around $12 (might be $13) right now -- and the 4 gig for $23. Astounding, isn't it?

And as I'd pretty nearly maxed out my 1 gig that carries all my IT info, important graphics, Email Blasts, current Script info and on and on, I was really, really excited to get it.

So, I owe this latest gift to Tom (no surprise, right?). He gave me a MasterCard gift card to spend as I wished, so naturally I had to have this. And, yes, it's that pretty white Firefly from the photo! (smile)

If I haven't said it before, Lexar is my jump drive of choice, though I've used the SanDisk jumps fine -- after removing the stupid application and folders that come pre-installed on them. (sigh)

It took ages to move everything from one jump to the new one, but I'm happy as a clam now that it's done!

As always, I remain amazed by Tom's continued generosity, which goes above and beyond any kindness I could expect from a friend. I love talking on the phone to him -- and happily we got to talk today. He also phoned while I was at work Thursday -- during my meeting with Kent. I loved that, by the way. (I told him he should always phone me on days Kent's there...)

The IT issues at work are driving me nuts right now, but whatever. I continue to learn more than I ever wanted to know about IT (grin), and then some. Do I really need to know about the impact of our static IP on getting a DNS update? I suppose, but I'd rather not, thanks.

Meanwhile, things with the website continue to be fascinating! Hard work, but great fun, too.

And I'm getting better and better at the Newsletter (Email Blast), having developed a really great and tweak-able template. This time I swapped out colors rather liberally and did it primarily in black and white. But who knows what I'll do the next time around? I included six photos in the last one, plus two sponsor logos and three decorative elements (that I created from scratch) -- aside from the large banner/header that I always make. (My high school art teacher, Gertrude, would be so proud... smile...)

Well, it's now 12:30 (after midnight) and we have a busy work day tomorrow -- so I should head to bed, I suppose.

I'm going to take my new white, Lexar Firefly jump (and the other jumps, too), in their nice black 'Case Logic' 2 Capacity USB Drive Shuttle (I have two of these and I love them) and head to bed. Yes, they go everywhere with me -- along with my iPod and my beloved CSS book. (smile)

Call me crazy, but these three things, plus my cell phone, are very special to me. I know we're not supposed to care about material things, but I do adore the things I've mentioned here. I really do. And I don't mind admitting it, either.