May 13th, 2008


Chengdu, China

10,000 people dead.

The Chinese government said the death toll was sure to rise.

Life has a way of putting our petty issues into perspective... Nor is this the only terribly sad news I've heard recently, either.

Life is hard for so many people.

You know, my tiny worries are nothing compared to things like this...


cat and mouse

Sue is Sick! I Talked to Tom!

Sister Sue is sick today. Hopefully it's the usual thing (related to her surgery) and not a bug. She needs to be at rehearsal this coming Saturday! (She's loving being a clown.) Interestingly enough, she was out getting her clown makeup today (the improved makeup) when she got sick...

I talked to Tom today. I always enjoy talking to Tom! He's a gem, he really is...

I was bitching about work to him. And he's so much fun to bitch to! He just laughs and I laugh and it all seems better -- which is exactly why it's fun to bitch to him. I get over myself and the whole rant and life is fine. (smile)

Of course, in light of more important local and world events, my small moans about this and that aren't very important, anyway. I know that, but hell, perspective is a delightful thing! (heh)

What would I do without Tom? And his chips? (smile)

So, in other news, I'm in love with Dan Shafer.

Okay, not really in love with him. But close enough. I'm mad for his book. And considering I pack the thing around with me all over the place, that's a pretty big deal -- don't you think? (Seriously. I pack it to work. I pack it home. I take it when I get a pedicure. I take it along on rides in the car. I take it downstairs when I'm down there and back upstairs when I go up. I honestly haul it all over the place -- and it's no small book, either!)

"HTML Utopia: Designing Without Tables Using CSS" is more than just a favorite book -- it's really helped me to truly comprehend CSS. I've had a ton of other books about both HTML and CSS, but he writes in a style that seems to be perfect for me.

(Yes, yes, I know I've mentioned Dan -- and his book -- before. But it's still having a huge influence on my life, so I can't help bringing it up again...)

Of course, my strong feelings about this book might partly be the fact that I'm now in a place where CSS really makes sense to me. The more I'm involved hands-on with the work website, the more I'm forced to really use and learn CSS. Not that the site is table free, by any means. I often think that I'd like to go there at some point, though. The very idea makes me smile...

Yeah, I spend a lot of time discussing coding. How boring for those who don't code or care about coding! But considering it has the ability to make our blogs look so cool, I can't help thinking it's quite a relevant thing to mention here. (smile)

Well, back to work -- I've got tons to do! (As always, these days.)