May 2nd, 2008

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Catching Up

I've got about a hundred photos I want to share. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but I do have a lot of pictures to share -- and I never seem to find the time!

When I do get to blog, it's for work. The most exciting part of that is how I've learned to use CSS in my blogging, for both text and images. The layout of the actual post (not just the blog layout) has become a true thing of beauty. (smile)

I've currently got Marilyn's mistressmarilyn bug, with a sore throat that's a killer. She actually went to the doctor with it, it hurt so bad. So she got antibiotics and they've messed her up terribly! She's now dealing with a truly horrid yeast infection (and other side effects). She thinks the cure is far worse than the illness, let me tell you.

If you're one of those lucky people who has never had a yeast infection, then you can't begin to relate to how miserable they make you. Marilyn has slews of meetings (most of the day) again this Friday, but hopes to ditch at least one and come home from work early.

I'm a whimp compared to her, I have to tell you. Swallowing is a bitch. I did eat yesterday (I was starving), but the day before I could barely get myself to touch liquids, much less food. I guess Lauren (at work) has it too, and I feel terrible for her. (She's dealing with some major social obligations this weekend that she's in charge of -- and I can't imagine facing those when she feels like this.) Actually, Marilyn was going strong last weekend when she was sick -- again, I can't imagine it!

Work is very (very, very) busy -- but considering it's now May, that's to be expected. It's hard to believe I haven't even started the parade script at this point, but what the hell. It will all get done. (And it certainly can't be anywhere as hard as it was during the Centennial year of 2007!)

I continue to hang in there with IT-related things at work -- but learning more all the time, thankfully. I had to face a 'blue screen of death' error recently, and managed to fix the problem. Thank God for Google groups -- which is where most of my best IT research comes from. Though in this case I actually used the official Microsoft site to find the specific error and the process to follow. I'm fairly comfortable with using regedit -- though I don't like to unless I have to, of course. (But, then, who does?) Messing with the Registry of a computer is never fun, but some problems require it.

I heard from an old friend who lives in Lincoln City recently via email. (I'm not sure how long he and his live-in companion have been there, but it seems to me that it's over a decade now.) We've known each other through the SciFi community since the 1980's, and were pretty close at one point back when I was the President of an international fan club.

Jack doesn't get to Portland much anymore, not surprising when you consider fuel costs these days. Oregon -- and the entire Pacific Northwest -- is big, for those not familiar with the area. You can drive hours and hours and hours and still be inside the state of Oregon, for example. So cars and gas are a major issue to all of us -- especially these days.

He's involved with a Depoe Bay group -- and I need to take another look at the website. The coding is screwy somehow. It might be a browser compatibility issue, I don't know. Glancing it over, it looks like the Javascript designed to make the image fade out only works with IE (or IE clones) -- and even then not every time. (sigh) Having used Javascript at a site for a menu, I know it's not all that reliable...

Speaking of menus, I'm madly in love with Server Side Includes for menu use -- but not all web hosts support the use. SSI makes menus easy as pie, and I kid you not! (Well, if you 'get' the coding, that is. But that's another story...)

Maybe I'll get some of my photos together and share them at some point today. Sound exciting?

I also need to work on my health insurance papers, big bad time. (They've changed them rather drastically this time around, by the way.) I'm late doing them, but that's typical, I suppose.

The weather might (finally) be warming. When Marilyn went to the doctor (she saw the nurse practitioner, to be specific) she heard that many people were on their third and fourth bout of winter illnesses -- which is a bit alarming! I'm more than ready to skip spring entirely and move right to summer. (grin)

Speaking of, we're thinking of planting at least a few flowers this weekend, time allowing.

Well, I should get back to work -- there's piles to do. (sigh) I miss LiveJournal terribly, but will hopefully find more blogging time soon.

I need a manicure and tan tomorrow -- we have a social thing on Sunday!