March 20th, 2008

charlie sick, sick in bed

Dental Hell (sigh)

My life has been 'dental hell' since early on Tuesday. (sigh)

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I can barely sit up to the computer right now -- which is always a sign of just how bad I'm feeling. (heh) I finally had a bowl of homemade soup a little bit a go. I haven't felt at all hungry, but I really need to take food with these damn pain pills. Otherwise they make me sick to my stomach (which normally never happens to me).

Mostly I've been sleeping like mad. The pills make me drowsy as hell -- and as Marilyn just pointed out on the phone, I've got infection in my body, so I'm sick, too.

I can't face being in bed, so I've been sleeping on the sofa in the living room -- which is not my pattern at all! I've actually been sleeping with the TV on, which is also something I never do. All of these things are just signs that I'm not myself.

In spite of that, I managed to do some IT-related work yesterday. And I did website work yesterday AND today -- though very little! I haven't answered most of my work-related emails, though. I figure they can pretty much live without me for a few days. (But I am working on a graphic for the next Email Blast, which looks kind of cool so far. Maybe when I'm more awake I'll do some more work on it.)

Sweet Tom brought another box of chips yesterday! The people at work will be pleased.

Marilyn has been playing with her iPod from Tom and is madly in love with it. I don't blame her -- I had no idea how GREAT the sound would be. I'm thinking I want one -- and Tom mentioned getting me one. I told him 'no' -- but Marilyn said, 'why?' Maybe I'll reconsider. He's very generous and I'd love to have one.

And considering the cost of TWO root canals, I don't think an iPod is high on our list of expenses right now!

Well, when it comes to money, it seems like there's always something...

The pain is, thankfully, better today. But I'm ready to go and lie down again. I can barely keep my eyes open!