January 28th, 2008

i hate microsoft, hate microsoft

Microsoft Outlook 2003 has a Major Flaw...

Microsoft Outlook 2003 has a major flaw. And interestingly enough, Microsoft knows all about it. They don't have much of an answer for it and don't seem to care that they don't. (Are we surprised?)

What am I always saying about Microsoft, people?

After the Auction last autumn, both Carol's computer and mine showed this flaw. We can't use Outlook to Open or Save attachments, nor can we use the Attach feature to add an attachment. I can't even say what a pain this is. Hey, our work relies on being able to send attachments back and forth!

Yes, I asked Kent about it (repeatedly, actually). And he did try to fix it. But he's had the same issue on his own computer at home...

From what I gather, it's not that uncommon a problem. You can google it and find it popping up all over the place (and in other versions of Outlook, too). But you certainly don't seem to find many solutions that work, from what I can tell.


Anyway, I've found a few possible things I'll try the next time I'm at work -- just in case. (I'm guessing the one that involves using RegEdit will be the most likely to work. But I'll let you know what happens...)

Meanwhile, we're forced to use a work-around. We have to open Windows Explorer and click and drag files to and from Outlook. You have to make the two windows small enough to be seen side by side on your desktop (another pain) so you can do this. What a bother.

Plus it's very easy to forget this. The second you try the normal method, the application 'hangs' (and I mean freezes up solid), then you're forced to close Outlook. As I said, this is a huge pain in the ass.

So why the hell doesn't Microsoft come out with a patch that fixes this???

The best answer to this appears to be that it is 'fixed' -- in Outlook 2007. So if you pay for that upgrade you'll be good to go. Oh, right. Good answer!


I did figure out my problem with Word 2003, though! I had this issue where I'd add 'Save As' to the tool bar (next to Save) -- then save this to the Normal/default for Word. Next time I opened the application, the 'Save As' button would be gone. Annoying as hell! (And isn't that just buggy behavior? For crying out loud...)

I worked out an answer and applied it -- and so far so good! So maybe I won't have to deal with this every time I use Word, anyway.

I'm just full of good news -- right? (grin) Well, it's not my fault that Microsoft makes crappy applications and rushes them to market. I know I get annoying with my constant put-downs of Microsoft, but this stuff just burns me.

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Ever have one of those days... ???

Seriously, it's all good. Don't mind me...

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On that note, I guess I'd better get to work -- and see if I can't try to improve both the quality and the SPEED of what I'm doing...

By the way, Tom shared chips again! He ROCKS.

And knowing that Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I are avoiding these types of carbs, he didn't bring any Cheetos this time around. The folks at the office will be delighted when I take in goodies tomorrow...

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Coding Question: ASP?

So, does anyone here know how to code Active Server Pages (ASP)?

I have an ASP page I need to 'tweak' at the festival website, and so far I've spent many (many) fruitless hours trying to do it... (sigh)

Granted, I've never had any reason to use it before now -- and have no experience with it whatsoever. So believe me, I'm really not beating myself up about this. (smile)

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Okay, that's a bit daunting. (smile) I get what it can do, but reading the code is another matter entirely.

I've been staring at this same page of code for hours today. And I spent three hours on it Friday night. It's not happening at this point!

I don't get why I can't seem to make a few basic changes without screwing up the rest of it. It's not like I'm really touching the interactive parts of the code. But I suspect I'd be okay if I were only changing out dates and some minor parts of the text. Right now I need to take out huge areas (big chunks of both text and other coding), so I guess at some point I must be messing it up...

While I'm reasonably certain no one else at the festival ever fooled around with this page personally before now, that doesn't satisfy me. I want to be able to make changes -- albeit minor -- without turning to someone outside the festival!

ETA: Well, ignore all that. I just got the page to work!

I may not understand ASP worth a damn, but I can code well enough not to screw it up, I guess. I now feel like my hours (and hours) of work were worth the effort!

And if we need to make changes in the future, I should be able to do them without a problem (a big concern for Carol when I spoke with her today).

Forgive my ego, please, but how much do I rock right now???