January 15th, 2008

brr, cold

Icy Morning in Portland (and surrounding areas)

I stayed home today, even though I had a meeting scheduled. I have a sinus headache and am facing two very busy days at work tomorrow and Thursday. Plus Marilyn mistressmarilyn has her first Spanish class after work tonight, so with me home she won't need to worry about what to do with me during that time...

Anyway, I'll reschedule the meeting (a training session) for next week. I guess I should have done that in the first place. But I do hate to miss Staff Meeting -- especially when new people are being introduced. (Dennis in finance started yesterday, replacing Helene. And I had the impression that our new graphic artist, Ken, was also being introduced today -- though Marilyn felt that wasn't the case.)

Pretend this is a photo of black ice under a tire, please.

Yes, the (damn) LJ ScrapBook is down (again).

So, in weather news, it's currently 31° outside -- and a sheet of ice on the road and sidewalks. Marilyn phoned from the car to tell me to stay in and not try to walk outside for anything until it warms up. (She understandably worries ever since my fall years back, especially considering my poor insurance...) No, Portland Public Schools are NOT starting two hours late -- though many private schools in Portland are. It's a mix of late openings and actual closures in the Pacific Northwest. But the weather reports seem to indicate that things will improve later in the day.

I'm listening to TV news while I write this, and things sound pretty bad. Accidents are happening everywhere (no surprise).

Oh, look! Temperatures are up to 33° now! (Well, that's the 'official' temperature for Portland -- and they didn't show Vancouver, Washington. We tend to be more like the Vancouver temperature here in this part of town...)

I think I'll take some sinus meds and lie down for half an hour...
brr, cold

My Ongoing LJ Tags Issue

I continue to delete tags here and there, because I'm still damn close to the 1,000 tag limit. (sigh)

As of now, I've got it down to 953. I know that may sound crazy to many of you (especially if you don't tag much), but considering I was right around 2,000, I'm pretty damn proud! But I'll need to keep it up, or eventually I'll be unable to add any new tags. (And, yes, I still seem to need to do that...)

I'm trying to force myself (and I do mean force) to use memories more.

I might have gotten in the habit better if there hadn't been so many issues with memories in the past. I read some older entries this morning that reminded me of just how messed up memories used to be! It was so difficult to use them that I pretty much gave up -- so the habit of using them just never stuck. Then along came tags -- which can be done at the same time as the entry, mind you -- and I never looked back. (heh) Until recently, that is!

I'm still hopeful they'll increase tags again, one of these days. But who the hell knows?

It's just like the recent change to the way LiveJournal displays code on the Profile page. When in hell did that happen? I don't think I've heard anyone else mentioning it, but considering certain code used to display fine there and now won't work at all, it's clear that something is different... (What I don't get is why they'd decide to change that... What purpose could a change serve?)

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Yes, I'm still struggling to get a handle on Flash -- as I'd also love to be able to create my own Flash banner for the website. But I suspect that's something else that needs to be picked up by Whitehorse. (sigh) I'll get there sooner or later, though!

So, Marilyn forwarded Jeff's email about Staff Meeting -- along with her comment: hehe, you were right!

(Yeah, Jeff did end up introducing Ken -- the new graphics person -- during Staff Meeting.)

So basically my schedule for the week has now been blown to hell...


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Sister Sue saw her specialist today and will have a test this Thursday, so that's all good. She still can't keep anything down, so I hope they figure this out...
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Spanish Class and Cleaning My Bedroom

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is at her first Spanish class tonight. (I hope it's going well!)

I've been cleaning in my bedroom. (sigh) It's pretty much a disaster. But I'm making some headway, anyway...

And I did vacuum the living room, too! Go, me.

I never posted any New Year's Resolutions, but I have them in my head -- and I'm getting started on several. So that's a good thing.