December 3rd, 2007

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A Package from Kayt!

Does anyone remember the lovely package I got from Australia last July (and mentioned here)?

I have that darling wombat in my cube at work (so I can look at him every day I'm there), by the way!

So I just got another package from Kayt the_kaytinator -- and a card that wished me Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday. (It came in the same mail delivery as my bday card from Marilyn mistressmarilyn, as a matter of fact. So I guess I'll have to say it was one of my first two bday cards this year.)

Another gift and card! I was so surprised.

That darling card is sitting right next to my computer as I type this -- and I'm just smiling so big!

I ♥ you, Kayt!

Thanks so much, dearheart! You really made my week!

I'm so glad you're my friend.

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Christmas Card from Geta!

So, while our first Christmas card came from my friend Kayt the_kaytinator (as I mentioned here), we got another big surprise in the mail this week!

I have a lovely, glittery Christmas card sitting on the other side of my computer, sent all the way from Ohio from our friend Geta ohmorningglory!

Seriously, this card is glittery inside and out! So pretty.

I'm not sure how Geta got our address -- but one of the small miracles is the fact that even though the street address on the envelope was wrong, the card was still delivered! Amazing, isn't it? (Especially considering our mail person isn't the best... sigh...)

Your card and note were so cheerful and special, Geta! Thanks again for sending it.

Don't I have the best friends ever? I am one very lucky person...

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Tom Called the House

So nice! I just talked to Tom by phone. He called to check up on us (in light of the current storm we're having here locally).

Isn't that sweet?

Well, he may try to fool others, but I know how sweet he is under it all.

And he promised me more Cheetos, too! (heh) You can never have enough Cheetos, after all...

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Viewing Schemes: Visions v2 (a Dystopic Vertigo skin)

Thanks to snakeling, I finally did it -- I changed to using Vertigo! But with the Visions v2 SKIN.

Actually, I've had this mentioned to me previously, but I figured it would be a big hassle to set it all up. NOT! It was actually easy to do.

Those interested can check out this entry for more information.

It was created by the amazing soph, just for the record.

(So what's the first thing I have to know when I see that name? Whether or not the user is a Ciarán Hinds fan, of course! Fans. Gotta love us! The answer was that it's actually his name, just so you know...)

Okay, it's missing some of the Dystopic features (like clicking the little dots to go to the full profile view), but it's a happy compromise that I can live with!

If you want a different skin for viewing LJ, you might want to join ljskins (which soph and snakeling moderate). I've actually been a member there for some time, but never have tried a skin before this.

Oh. And this is just another reminder that Firefox ROCKS, by the way. (Greasemonkey makes this a very simple add.)

It's hard to believe that there was ever a time I didn't use Firefox, frankly. It's such a superior browser. (No, I'm not familiar with Safari, not being a Mac user. But I have heard good things from friends.)

If you've never tried it, believe me that the Addons alone are worth having it for! Besides changing my LJ skin yesterday, I also added a cool feature that changes the color of my active tab. (God, how I love tabbed browsing. I'm so hooked -- and obviously have been forever now.)

I have addons that will:

  • Give you info on any color you're viewing on a webpage
  • Measure items you're viewing on a webpage
  • Help you with web development issues
  • Let you change the version of Flash you're using with a click
  • Help you download videos
  • Manage your tabs
  • Manage your cookies

  • ...and on and on an on! Love 'em. I really do.
I guess that's my official 'ad' for Firefox for today. But all I can say to non-Firefox users is: Try it -- you'll like it!
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LJ Tags -- Revisited

I recently mentioned (here) that I was having an 'issue' with My Tags here at LJ...

My friend imortlnoctrn pointed out that the limit for tags was 1,000. (I also asked at LJ Support and got the same answer, just for the record.)

Only 1,000 tags??? You must be KIDDING me! (yikes)

There's no easy way I can see to tell how many tags a person has (by this I mean the actual tag category -- not how many times you've used it), so I used the above page to gack the list. Then I put it in my beloved NoteTab Pro where I could easily count the lines (one tag per).

Folks, I had almost 2,000 tags. So if anything, LJ has been pretty generous with me -- not cutting me off until I got close to 2,000!

Collapse )

Spamming? Are you saying I'm spamming my journal?

Well, I could be doing much worse, actually! (Wait, wait -- don't be scared!) I just mean that for a change I have time to post -- and tons of things I want to post about.

Anyway, I'm back to work tomorrow, so no worries! (grin)

grand king louis

Holiday Party at the Waverly Country Club

Tomorrow night is the annual festival Holiday Party at the Waverly County Club (here in Portland, Oregon). (Yes, it often seems to fall on my birthday...)

If you follow that link to the club website, you'll note that there's very little to see. Only club members can log in and really access the site. (Quite exclusive, don't cha know!)

As I've mentioned in the past, they decorate the building and grounds quite beautifully. As you come up the long drive, it's like discovering a fairyland. Yes, the inside is decorated beautifully, as well. (Various Christmas trees -- big ones -- are all over. And garlands and on and on.)

I took some photos last year, but they didn't turn out all that well. (The lighting at night and so on.) Anyway, I have several to share Collapse )

Not exactly sure what I'm wearing, but Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I did go and tan after she got done with her (long) meeting. (She was home by 8:30 p.m., so we may it out to Desert Sun by 9:30 with no problem.)

We'll have to come home early tomorrow to get ready and head out.

I suppose it will rain. (sigh)

But in light of our recent (current?) storm locally, I guess that's okay. It could always be worse!

We have a large branch down from the tree out front (near the garage). And the tarp came partly off the swing out back -- so I had to go out in the wind and rain today to wrestle it back on. (sigh) Hopefully it will hold until I can do a better job.

Guess who I talked to late this afternoon?

If you guessed Tom, you guessed right! The sweetheart phoned to check on us and be sure we were okay (again, in light of the storm). We talked until almost 5:30 (over an hour). Then he needed to head to bed to get some sleep. (He works nights.)

Oh! I forgot to mention my package from my friend Sandy (who lives in Massachusetts). It included the most clever thing -- a sort of birthday-in-a-box. It's a small music box with a little cake that goes round and round while "Happy Birthday" plays. Cute!

Maybe I'll get better photos of Waverly tomorrow (if I can get myself to drag along the camera)...

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