December 1st, 2007

brr, cold

Firefox Updates? What Gives?

This is the second time this week that I've had Firefox auto update...

What gives???

I have to admit, I really do love that browser!

I can't use it for everything, though. For example, when I remote access [actually: Remote Desktop] work, I have to use an Internet Explorer clone. (sigh) But that's okay. It's great for almost everything else!

Time for bed. (It's almost 3 a.m.)

We're supposed to get SNOW tomorrow! (yikes)

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LiveJournal Flagging -- Revisited

LiveJournal Flagging -- Revisited

I thought I should better explain exactly what 'flagging' at LiveJournal is, for anyone that doesn't know. It was pretty foolish of me to refer to it and not make this clear in the first place!

The following is gacked directly from LiveJournal's FAQ.

You can find it here -- BE SURE TO CLICK 'READ MORE,' though (otherwise you won't find all of it!).

Collapse )

And, again, my major concern lies with the current secretive nature of the flagging process. It seems to me that if someone is willing to flag someone else (an entry or journal -- personal or community), then they should also be willing to have everyone know they have done so.

I know we all have different ideas about what's appropriate viewing for minors. (And, of course, the term 'minor' is different in different locations. But note that for LJ it's judged by the standards of the United States, and not any other country, regardless of where you might reside.)

I'm not suggesting that my personal views are the best. And I'm certainly not suggesting they are the only valid views.

All this said, I'm disappointed that only two of my friends responded to this entry about flagging. I'm not seeking to be controversial, but I am really concerned about this new option. Aren't any of you interested?

An Interesting and Important Entry I Want to Share

If you took my sincere advice and added Joey fatjoey to your LJ friends, then chances are you've already read the entry I'm going to link here.

Some of you may prefer not to read what he says, because it's a very frank entry about his life as a gay male.

Me? I'm very impressed by this entry (which he titled: Life is Not Suitable for Children).

This is one of Joey's responses to the new Flagging Policy here at LJ. (See my entries about this, located here and here.)

Take note, please!

Someone who is a minor -- and has been HONEST about listing their age when signing up for LiveJournal -- will be unable to view 'adult' entries here at LJ. But someone who views LiveJournal without being logged in will easily be able to LIE and still see these same entries. (And, naturally, an underage person here at LJ can simply log out and use the URL to come back and view the 'offensive' entry, anyway.)

Just so we know!

I realize it probably seems like I'm flogging this subject to death, but personally I'm very concerned about it. Censorship disturbs the hell out of me...