November 29th, 2007

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Pepsi -- Not 'More Happy' with You...

Pepsi's Customer Service? Not So Good.

On November 8, our staff was informed that Pepsi was taking back their machine (located in our lunch room) due to their 'Vending Volume Benchmarks' -- meaning that the machine wasn't 'performing' and the cost of service wasn't 'practical' for them.

For many years when Pepsi was one of the festival's major sponsors, we not only had the machine available, but paid the low cost of 50¢ per can of soda. (Rock on, Pepsi!) But it's been a long time since those happy days were true. (And this past year prices rose to 75¢ a can...)

Pepsi Sucks!!!

Am I angry about this? Damn straight I am.

When Pepsi was a sponsor, no one in our office ever brought another soft drink into the building -- out of support for them.

The festival has been an important part of this city since 1907 -- and this year was awarded The Best Festival in the World (as I've mentioned more than once here in my blog). Sales volumes are certainly important, but aren't there other factors that matter, too?

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I are huge Pepsi product supporters in our personal life. I can't tell you the volume of Pepsi products we consume every week. (And if I did, nobody would believe me! Seriously, we drink a ton of Pepsi around here... You should see how many Pepsi cans we recycle on a weekly basis.)

During the festival's busy season, our staff has always counted on having that Pepsi machine there to provide us with something cold to drink. (Yes, caffeine is essential when you're putting in the long hours people do at our office.) We're not really close to a place where we can go and buy pop -- and even if we were, we don't get much free time away from our office when we're as busy as we are.

Sure, sure...

Pepsi is not in business to make people happy...

(No matter what the song currently at their website might imply.) I realize they're out to make $$$, just like everyone else. But it just seems wrong to me that they couldn't manage to keep one machine at our location, even if it's not reaching their Vending Volume Benchmarks. It's not like they're giving us the product for free, after all. We're still paying for each can we drink!

And you know what? Considering the festival is now a 501(c)(3), Pepsi could provide us with the machine -- and product -- as a donation. (What a shocking concept!!! Yes, I'm dripping sarcasm here.) Then this could actually be a tax write-off for them.

So according to their official website:

PepsiCo, Inc. is one of the world's largest food and beverage companies. The company's principal businesses include:
  • Frito-Lay snacks
  • Pepsi-Cola beverages
  • Gatorade sports drinks
  • Tropicana juices
  • Quaker Foods
Not only have we always been supportive consumers of Pepsi-Cola soda beverages, put we also drink Gatorade (our sports drink of choice for after running, power walking, tennis and using exercise equipment like our treadmill) and Propel (again, I drink a TON of this water). I also frequently eat Quaker oatmeal for breakfast.

And as anyone who reads my blog knows, we eat a lot of Frito products around this house -- and at our office, too.

Do I have a 'right' to be this angry with Pepsi?

Okay, probably not. The world is all about making money, after all. Why should Pepsi be any different?

But since hearing that we would lose our machine, I find myself speaking out in harsh terms against Pepsi. Every single chance I get!

Today was the day they were slated to come and 'get' the machine. By the time Marilyn and I arrived at work this morning, it was already G-O-N-E gone! There's a very empty spot in our lunch area now. (And yeah, I already missed buying a can today to have with my very-late lunch...)

So what now?

Well, hopefully we'll find a different company who will be willing to provide product for the festival. Yeah, we'll all still pay for each can -- and gladly. Fred Meyer has a great relationship with the festival, so maybe they'd like to bring in a machine. (And they really understand charitable giving and supporting their community, too.)

I won't even use the language here that I just used with Marilyn in speaking about my feelings for Pepsi. But I doubt I need to -- right?

Since November 8, I haven't had any good things to say about Pepsi. And I've talked to one hell of a lot of people about my feelings, by the way. For the record, I'll be continuing to speak my mind in the future -- probably to everyone and anyone willing to listen.

On the positive side, today one of our board members (the lovely Charold) offered to bring in a mini-fridge for Marilyn's office, so we can buy soda and keep it there.

A couple of other board members were in for a meeting, and suggested that we could buy and store soda in our festival fridge. I pointed out that we only had the one refrigerator for the entire office, and it was hard enough to find room for lunches and whatnot for the staff -- without trying to add a bunch of pop cans. (This is especially true later on when we have seasonal staff also bringing in food to keep cold.)

I thought I'd share this photo that's located on a building in downtown Portland...

(click me)

Yeah... I admit it. Pepsi's looking a bit 'worn' to me at this moment...

Anyway, prepare yourself -- I'll probably harp on about Pepsi a lot in the foreseeable future.
lj -- drive me crazy

WTF? What's Up with LJ Now???

I can't even tell you the weird problems I've been having with my LiveJournal account the last couple of hours...

I was knocked out of my log-in several times.

I can't access my 'Scrapbook' (Galleries) to upload photos. (I mean, I just can't get there at all!)

Checking the off-site link to see if there's an issue was (as usual) no help at all...

I don't get many chances these days to 'play' at LJ -- so it's especially annoying when things are all messed up like this. (grr)

Well, that makes two negative posts in a row -- first the anti-Pepsi entry, and now this.


I'll try to make the next post a positive one. (smile)

sigh (wishbone)

Lost a Friend

Well, I just lost a friend over this entry. (sigh)

I know that's the risk I take when sharing a strong opinion, but it makes me feel bad, even so...

I'd love to hear more about how Pepsi (people who work for Pepsi???) feels about this, frankly. It's so hard for me to accept that this is all about the bottom line -- especially when they're dealing with a well-known and popular festival and non-profit.

Of course, the person that dropped me listed an interest in 'free speech' (which Marilyn mistressmarilyn pointed out to me) -- and I don't think I was too ranting in what I posted previously.

Pepsi's decision has now cost me the loss of our machine at work and the loss of a LiveJournal friend. Terrific, huh?

Anyway, it's almost 8:00 a.m. and we've yet to go to bed, so that's where we're finally headed. Yesterday was another long and busy day...

We're trying to get past that feeling that every time we blog here at LJ, play a computer game, watch TV or do anything else recreational that we should feel guilty. I know that sounds crazy, but it's been that kind of year. We always feel like we should be WORKING.

Well, on that note, goodnight (good morning?) all. (smile)