November 20th, 2007

pissed off, caesar pissed off

Bachelor Brad Womack Is Gay.

Bachelor Brad Womack is gay.

Yes, I've heard that said. But come on -- let's not be insulting to gays, please!!!

Brad Womack is a horse's ass!!! You know, frankly, I think bachelor Brad Womack is a horse's ass.

Hm. I hope this isn't being insulting to horses, either... I guess I should try to think of something lower to call him. Or maybe in the future we'll just refer to all total jerks as being 'a Brad Womack'... (heh)

I can't believe either Jenni Croft or DeAnna Pappas (the two female finalists) would ever consider giving this loser a 'second chance' at having a relationship with them.

No, I didn't watch the entire season. Too busy, frankly. And I'm not a die-hard fan of the series.

Wow, am I glad I didn't waste any more of my time on this total loser, Brad Womack! What a messed up person. He says his heart is 'broken' -- but how the hell can that be true? I mean, if he wasn't in love, then obviously his heart can't be broken! That's simple logic.

But don't expect logic from this guy.

He's not the first person to appear on a reality TV show simply to bask in the limelight -- nor will he be the last.

But come on, buddy. Don't expect us to buy anything about your 'pain' -- because it's not ringing true to anyone.

Clearly both women were devastated -- sincerely hurt. I doubt he has the emotional maturity to really care, but I can't help hoping that some day he'll get exactly what he deserves. And I'm not talking about true love... If there's any justice, this guy will reap what he's sown.

Hey, Brad? Karma can be a bitch -- and then some.