November 15th, 2007

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Website and the Flu.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn helped me do TONS of festival website changes (in my role as Webmaster) over the past couple of days... (Especially today, though.)

(Yeah, yeah -- I know. I probably should say 'webmistress' -- but I don't tend to say 'actor' and 'actress' anymore, so why say 'webmistress' in place of 'webmaster'? I guess it seems a big sexist to me... or something!)

The exciting thing was learning how to manipulate the SSIs (Server Side Includes)! It's been driving me crazy forever and a day that our left-side navigational area wasn't in alpha order -- so I actually changed that today.

For the record, I'm no longer the least bit daunted by SSIs!!! (grin)

It was so cool to reason those out!

Anyway, it partly came out of our change to a 501 (c)(3) -- which meant we needed to remove certain elements of our 'about us' navigation entirely. And frankly, we just couldn't wait on finding time to sit down with Whitehorse (our website designers). So I needed to grab that bull by the horns and take care of it myself.

We got rid of three instances of the word 'civic' -- which we can no longer use with our 501 (c)(3) status. (All due to Marilyn, I must admit!)

I'm proud of what we've gotten done, especially considering we've both had the flu all week long. (I kid you not.) Marilyn has been sick enough to stay home from work, which is something she rarely ever does...

I did force myself to get dressed and go get my hair cut (trimmed) yesterday, as it needed it badly.

And we're getting ready to go tan any second now. Okay -- it's hours later now, and we did exactly that! (smile)

We go to Orycon 29 starting TOMORROW, believe it or not! (As I mentioned here on October 20.) We had a lot of fun at Orycon last year, and are very excited about this year! And this year we have our own room (on the party floor), which should be even more fun...

I just keep on going back and doing more website changes, by the way. It's just past midnight now, and I did the coolest change of one of the pages. Go, me! (grin)

No. We haven't even started to pack for tomorrow. What the hell, we can always drive down and check in at the hotel -- and register for the con, then come back home and pack afterwards. We're just not that far away, after all. In fact, we plan to just run back and forth to tend to the cats, so we don't need to get anyone else to do it for us.

Sister Sue came in second at cribbage tonight. And she has a tournament this weekend, so she'll be taking off tomorrow.

Oh! We did go to the Pioneer Methodist bazaar last weekend. Marilyn and I went on Friday -- and had lunch with June (who was working there). On Saturday (while Marilyn was getting her hair done), sister Sue and I went -- and also had lunch with June!

As I think I've mentioned before, I joined that church at the age of ten -- and at the time I was the youngest person ever to join the congregation... I haven't actually attended the church in years, but I know almost everyone there...

Sue and I also dropped by the Holy Cross bazaar -- and we got to see Sister Helen, the artist. She was a close friend of Mom's -- and used to live at the Assumption Convent, before Assumption was absorbed into another parish. (Assumption was the church that was our direct neighbor when we lived in our small house -- the one before this one...)

Okay, I'm rambling now. Time to end this. Maybe I'll get a chance to write again next week. Clearly I'll be tied up this weekend!!! (woo hoo)

Hey -- you know what? I'm feeling much better tonight. (Last night I was still very feverish...) Maybe I'll be 'all better' by tomorrow. Hope so.