October 12th, 2007

hug tree, charlie hug tree

Where is Charlie?

Not at LiveJournal much lately. (sigh)

I did my first-ever IT setup for the Auction today. It didn't go quite as smoothly as I'd hoped, but oh well -- it was okay. I learned some things, anyway!

I'm sure that after the Auction tomorrow night, things will quiet down a little...

But we have another (big) project to work on, maybe Sunday...

And I need to get started on the IT budget, pronto!

I also have some important changes I need to make to our work website.

And I'm trying to finish up the IT Room and IT Workspace.

Plus finish setting the rest of the computers with the flat screen monitors (I think I have seven to go). And do some computer maintenance on all the various computers at work... (That's more than 20 computers, by the way.)

So clearly things aren't going to quiet down too much! (heh)

Today was so busy it felt like five days rolled into one. In fact, the last several days have felt like that.

Our most recent PowerPoint presentation is a masterpiece, though! I can't wait to play it tomorrow night at the Auction.

No, I still haven't decided for sure what I'm wearing. (sigh) But it's down to two choices, anyway!

Time for a nap (??? bed for the night ???). Last night we both laid down for naps and ended up sleeping all night in our clothes! (Me under a blanket on the bed and Marilyn mistressmarilyn under a sheet on the sofa!) You probably can gather that we're pretty tired...

Lots of other things to report, but no time right now!

I miss reading about my friends!

I miss making and sharing icons, too.

And doing tutorials.

And moderating communities.

I'm sure I'll get back to all this in a few weeks. (Fingers crossed.) I just need to be patient!

Oh!!! My Sims 'Superstar' hint book came today! I got it through Amazon for one penny (plus postage and handling). I Amazon's used books connection!