October 2nd, 2007


Dental 'Woes' -- And 'Just Call on Charlie!' (sigh)

I've had severe tooth pain since yesterday, woe-is-me. Yeah, I'm in a mood to whine, even though it's my own fault...

I've been grinding my teeth to beat the band, no doubt about it. Which is what Dentist Mary confirmed, of course. She gave me prescriptions for an antibiotic and Valium (!!!) -- and told me to get a mouth guard to wear at night. (The Valium is only four tablets, so don't get excited, folks!)

I'm glad that (so far) it isn't a root canal situation. I hope that remains true! I need to phone for another follow-up appointment (in three weeks) to see what's what.

(Up until yesterday I couldn't even tell which tooth hurt -- because so many did, both top and bottom. Sure sign that it's caused by grinding -- and snapping like a turtle...)

So, I have rinse for sensitivity and a mouth guard (I'm a mouth breather and not thrilled about that), plus the pills. I called and got Vicodin, too, as the pain was making me almost sick here. (sigh) Until I can pick that up, I'm taking Marilyn's mistressmarilyn Hydrocodone/APAP (generic Vicodin). I think the pain is better, anyway...

Right now I'm hungry and in pain. (grin) The pain hasn't managed to kill my appetite (unfortunately), but the idea of putting food in mouth? Let's just say that's not happening right now. (I only picked at my bowl of casserole last night for dinner -- and like everyone else I love it! Normally I'd eat two bowls with no problem.)

When I got back from the dentist and pharmacist, I laid down on the living room sofa and did nothing for over an hour. I just was there with no TV on and staring out the window (behind the sofa) at the trees. It's a blustery day and the wind was really pushing the branches and leaves back and forth. I could hear the wind moaning in the fireplace, so it's quite a windy day. (No, I wasn't moaning with it, though I felt close at moments.) I could feel that heartbeat throb in my tooth. (ugh)

But naturally I felt 'lazy' lying there, so I got up.

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I guess that gives you some idea of my frame of mind, anyway. Normally this might bother me a little, but I don't tend to get really pissed over something that small. I'll give myself some slack about this, just because of the pain alone. (sigh)

Do I LOVE working??? ABSOLUTELY YES!!! I'm enjoying it so much there aren't words for how happy I am. I don't mind the hours. I don't mind the heavy lifting or crawling under desks and being tangled in computer cords. I don't mind the heat of the IT Room. I don't mind the dust (allergies or no) or dirt -- and love decreasing both. I'm in 'hog heaven' these days, really.

STRESS is a fact of life -- I just need to deal with it better.

And Marilyn is SO right -- I need to use EXERCISE as my main way of coping! I should be on the treadmill right now, as a matter of fact.

I've been using my seasonal allergy situation as an excuse -- and I need to stop right now. I'm constantly fatigued (it's tied to the seasonal allergies), but I'm sure I'd be less so if I were working out more.

Happily, I get a lot of exercise (of sorts) just being at the office. I can't even guess how many times a day I'm up and down the stairs. My cube is on the main floor -- as is the IT Workspace. Marilyn's office and the IT Room are both upstairs (on the opposite side of the building). So up and down I go!

Yikes. I'm suddenly really, really dizzy. (ugh) Must be that generic Vicodin kicking in. (You'd think it would have done that much sooner than this...)

I might need to wrap this up and lie down for a minute.


So just when I typed that line, I got a phone call from the festival office -- and work I needed to do (pronto). Happily it's DONE (and before 5:00 p.m., as I promised)!

I also got a call from Patsy, working on the resume. It's close to DONE, too -- though it needs some tweaks (corrections), I'm sure. In a convoluted process, I'll be emailing it to the granddaughter tomorrow for proofing -- and getting it back to make copies on Thursday at work (we need ink for our printer here at home). I have nice paper to take in for making copies. Then sister Sue will pick these up -- she's going out to the house on Friday.

So, in spite of my dental woes, I managed to get a few things done today! Go, me. (smile) Not one hell of a lot, really. But whatever.

Time to lie down now! (It's now 5:10 p.m. -- and I started this entry at 3:26!)