September 18th, 2007

sisters, sisters ball

It's Tuesday! (1 a.m. Tuesday, that is...) Marilyn leaves soon...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn leaves for the airport to fly to Atlanta, Georgia, very soon now. (4:30 a.m. is when sister Sue is picking her up, I guess...)

Marilyn and I finally finished up the PowerPoint presentation for IFEA. Not that we were waiting until the last minute or anything... (grin)

Actually, we were in the office until 2:30 a.m. last night (Sunday-Monday), looking for photos to use.

Then we had about 100 errands (give or take) to get done today. We were going all day long. (whew)

I worked a half-day on Saturday at the office.

Oh. And I was supposed to be OFF on Friday (and had tons of errands), but ended up going in after all. The office couldn't get online -- and I needed to solve it (and happily did). I did make it to Costco in the morning, but that's about it.

Marilyn and I have new flat screen monitors for our desktop computers now! So I took our old 17" ones over to sister Sue's house for her and Candy (her daughter, our niece). So everybody scored. (grin)

Actually, we now have flat screens for all the computers at the festival office! Go us!!! It's the best news. All thanks to Richard, President (and friend) Leslie's hubby. I Richard! And Leslie, too (of course). What great friends -- and great people!

As a matter-of-fact, Marilyn will be rooming with Leslie in Atlanta for two nights.

I could write about work until the cows come home. It seems like there's always loads to report there! I set up the new IT workspace near my own cube this week. And finally got the scanner up and running again! That's been a trial.

And I did a bunch of website page changes, too. It's going quite well, actually, with the website. The people from Whitehorse (who designed the site) are a delight to work with! I love them.

On the home front, we're still clearing out things and trying to get more organized. We need to clean like mad around here -- but it's a time thing right now.

And Henry Tudor cat is growing like a weed! What a sweetheart he is.

He and Colin Kitty are the best cats! Such good boys (for the most part).

I should be in bed right now, I guess. I have a busy day of work ahead of me! I plan to go in Tuesday (today, that is) and Wednesday, for sure. And maybe Thursday, too. Busy, busy, busy!

I can't wait for our special potluck Wednesday! More about that soon (hopefully).

I'd better end for now. I can't believe it's been so long since I wrote...

sister marilyn

Goodbye (for now), Marilyn!

Have a safe trip!

Sister Sue has just departed the house with Marilyn mistressmarilyn -- on their way to pick up Leslie and head for the airport... (And on to IFEA!)

Yes, I just posted a few hours back. I did sleep for at least an hour, though!

I'm now going to try and head back to bed for a couple more hours... Hey, I'm used to going on very few hours, but autumn is my 'bad' time of year. I get more allergic and more tired during this season. (sigh) And I have a busy day coming up, so...

I hope Marilyn can get some rest on the plane -- or when she arrives!

I talked her into taking the book "Scarlett," which she's never read before -- considering she's headed to Atlanta! (smile) She's been a huge "Gone With the Wind" fan her entire life, so...

Back to bed!

need coffee, coffee now

Just How Tired Am I?


Just how tired am I?

Well, it's now 8:37 p.m. here. When I woke up a few minutes ago at 8:30 on the nose, I thought it was 8:30 a.m.

No lie!

I was actually trying to figure out how I'd get my cooking done for the luncheon and still be there on time! I was trying to figure out if I had time to phone sister Sue before she left the house to pick me for the ride to work!

I'm still shaking...

I remember coming in the house carrying the mail and then feeding the cats. I remember getting in bed and shooing the (very annoying) cats away from me. And that's seriously all I remember!


I guess I was dead beat!

So now I have the oven heating and I'm going to go and fix the meatballs and casserole I plan to share! Then I might stay up a little bit longer before heading off to bed for the night -- and no, I'm not kidding here.

As I noted before, this time of year is a difficult time for me -- so I need to 'play it safe.'

Oh! I didn't mention before that I did a a TUTORIAL on 'How to Minimize Your COMMUNITY's Inclusion in Search Engine Results' -- which had come up somewhere totally not related to l_j_for_dummies. Considering I was having a busy (and exhausting) day, I'm pretty proud! Go, me. (smile)

sigh (wishbone)

(sigh) I Think I've Been an Unintentional Bitch...


I think I've unintentionally hurt (annoyed?) one of my LJ friends...

I must admit that I'm a 'soft and fuzzy' type of friend (and supporter) to those in my life.

But honestly, I do recognize that being a friend shouldn't be about what naturally works for ME (offering kind thoughts, offering sympathy and/or empathy, trying to compare my life to your life, etc., etc.) -- but rather about what works for YOU!

If saying "(hugs)" (for example) doesn't cut it for you, then clearly I'm not giving the support I hope to!

It's ironic, because I do try hard to be a good friend -- even when I'm really busy in RL and am wrapped up in my own world...

But smothering others can be selfish, too. I do know that.

On that note, I need to go and do (another) load of dishes, cook a couple of dishes for the potluck tomorrow, have some dinner (I actually forgot I hadn't done that!), do some laundry -- and just get myself pulled together. And as I mentioned here, I'm just dead tired. I'd love to be selfish as hell and just go straight to bed. But I promised to provide food for tomorrow -- and I'm not going back on it.

I'm so f-ing allergic right now. I'm sitting here sneezing and itching and going crazy. Shit. My seasonal allergies are kicking in big time in spite of all efforts to avoid them. (This super-fatigue is simply another symptom.) I don't want to go there yet again -- and spend weeks down sick. Hell, I can't go there -- I've got to damn much work to do right now!

Oh -- and that sounds like a plea for sympathy, but it's not. I'm just whining. (smile) I'm sure once I eat and get on top of the cooking I'll be fine. Coffee would be a big help. (Of course, guess what food item got left off our grocery list when we finally went shopping? Yes, we missed both coffee and cat food! That is so not a good thing...)

Getting back to my original post (duh, Charlie!), I need to try harder to be a good friend -- both here at LJ and in RL. It's probably a good excuse that I'm struggling like mad to get on top of my new role as the IT person and webmaster at work -- BUT it's still just an excuse!

Hopefully you guys will forgive me. Sincerely, my heart is in the right place -- even if my actions sometimes fail to be.


Lonely, I'm So Lonely...

I really do love that "Lonely" (a.k.a. "Mr. Lonely") song. (smile)

But seriously -- I'm lonely! (whine)

Marilyn hasn't been gone for 24 hours yet, and I'm already missing her like crazy...

So, I've got the TV on watching old episodes of "M.A.S.H." -- just for the company! Yes, the cats have tried their best (smile), but I need to hear voices while I'm cooking...

Now, about that elusive list of To Do items!

Collapse )

On that note, it's now 1:30 a.m. (I quite writing this while tackling things -- and having dinner) -- so it's time to head to bed!

Nite all! (grin)