September 2nd, 2007


Voting. (sigh)


So I entered an icon challenge. Remember? I told you guys that. (smile)

Anyway, the way the 'winners' are determined is by voting. Members vote. Simple, right?

Well, keep it simple, please. That's all I ask.

There were two parts. In Part 1 we were supposed to vote for three icons, in order of preference. (The rules are that we refrain from voting for our own work -- not that I'd ever do that, anyway, mind you.) In Part 2 we simply voted for our fave one, period.

So I finally voted (things have been a little crazy here, yet again) -- and I only voted for two in Part 1.

I had no third choice.

So the mod commented and asked me to vote for a third choice.

I commented back and said I didn't have one -- but she could feel free to put whatever she wished in that spot.

Here's the thing about all voting, as I see it...

Let people who are voting leave BLANKS, please. In fact, encourage it! I feel that way about voting in the United States, actually. We should be taught that it's okay to vote that way.

My reasoning?

It's better to vote for one thing, or a few things, or several things -- as opposed to every item -- rather than NOT VOTE AT ALL. Right?

In school they always encouraged us to mark everything on a test -- even if we were guessing -- rather than leave anything blank. Why the hell was that?

Hey, what's wrong with leaving something blank?

I've long felt that many people won't/don't vote partly because of this mentality. They've been told they can't leave anything blank -- so they think the same is true when they cast their vote! It's ridiculous.

Do we really want people to cast votes on people or measures that they don't know or don't care about? Wouldn't it be better to encourage people to vote on the few things that matter to them, rather than not vote at all -- or to vote uninformed?

As I'm sure you can tell, this is one of my personal 'hot buttons.' I'm always encouraging non-voters to go and vote, telling them they can vote for as many -- or as few -- things as they wish.

Okay. I could have simply gone and cast that third place vote -- even if I didn't have one. I didn't have to say 'no.' But why vote dishonestly?

My advice to that mod?

Don't make things too difficult for your members.

Can you guess how I feel at this point? I'm thinking I have better ways to expend my small amount of free time and energy, frankly. I made and submitted icons because I felt bad that people weren't participating. I like the community, even if I'm generally too busy to do much there. I had some time and I put it there, rather than a dozen other places. The same thing for voting, by the way...

So will I take part next challenge?

I was actually thinking about writing some friends and trying to get them active there. But now I'm not sure...

Don't get me wrong. The mod is a lovely person who is dedicated to this community. She wasn't at all snarky when she contacted me -- or anything like that. It's not really her fault. She set the rules (guidelines) and I 'broke' them.

While I was voting I considered just randomly selecting a number three choice. But I finally decided not to, even though I suspected she'd be upset with me. (Disappointed? Annoyed?)

Well, she has to do what works for her -- and the community. Good for her!

But I have to do what works for me, too. So it goes... (smile)

Ethics are a bitch sometimes. (heh)

summer - tennis

Yesterday (Saturday) -- an Update!

The day started out just fine.

We slept in late. I got up first (Marilyn's mistressmarilyn been sick, after all) and did some moderation (quite a bit, actually) over at seasonal_icons. My goal there is to add Tags and Memories for every single community entry. (whew)

We were out at our friend's birthday party until after midnight Friday night. (More about that soon!)

We've been watching tons of tennis, so we have that on constantly (considering it's U.S. Open time!).

Anyway, we went out to get Starbucks and mail some bills. We both got iced coffee plus a breakfast sandwich. Then we took a ride to mail some bills and enjoy the sunshine.

Collapse )

Mitch had phoned about going to play tennis -- but neither one of us felt like it. That was right before we got so bad, which explains why neither one of us felt like going with him.

We'd planned to take him to dinner last night, though. But we had to beg off, considering the situation. Which sucks, as we still haven't done anything for his (August 20th) bday! (And we have presents to give him...)

We ended up staying awake very late, watching "Pride & Prejudice" -- well, Marilyn fell asleep during it, but I watched 'til the end. Very entertaining, of course!

That Matthew Macfadyen, who played Mr. Darcy, is a hot piece of work! (whew) And of course I adore Keira Knightley (please give her a sandwich -- but not one from Starbuck's!). And who doesn't love Donald Sutherland (so good in this role) and Judi Dench?

It didn't get over until around 4 a.m. -- so I was proud to get up right before noon today. (grin)

Now I need to download the photos from Friday night to share -- and tell all about the fun. We hadn't planned to stay that late, but we were enjoying ourselves so much!

Oh! And guess what else I did yesterday?

I played The Sims (version 1) for the first time in years. Loads of fun...