August 26th, 2007



It occurs to me that I should have had this link up on my Profile Page for a long time now...

Save the Internet: CLICK HERE

Anyway, I'm adding it today!

PLUS, I've put a mini-version of the following YouTube video there, too! You can view it under the cut!

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I know that some people think I'm paranoid, but I think we need to pay attention to this...

lj -- drive me crazy

My New JournalFen Blog

Yes. I did it. I broke down and got a JournalFen blog.

I'm not sure how much I'll use it -- but I want the option to be able to READ FANFIC there...

Here is how I got the account (for those interested in getting their own).

Here's the LINK to My JournalFen blog. If you have a JF account, please feel free to friend me!