August 1st, 2007

sigh (wishbone)

Update on Nicole... (etc.)

The tonsillectomy went well -- and even though she's in some pain, I hear Nicole is doing well...

I haven't talked to Denise today, but am hoping to get to the hospital to see Donn either tonight or tomorrow. Well, maybe tomorrow, as I have work at the PRFA office...

As far as Donn's condition, hopefully no (additional) news is good news. Okay, clearly not good news -- but I'm hopeful he's no worse, anyway. (sigh) Poor man.

Candy managed to go to work yesterday and today -- which has to be hard with Nicole at home after her surgery. Sister Sue (Nicole's grandma) is taking care of her, though. I'm sure it's going to be fine.

Mitch called -- he took a day off today. I think he was hoping we could play tennis (or something), but Marilyn mistressmarilyn is home sick today. Actually, she came home yesterday afternoon not feeling well. Frankly, she didn't feel well Monday night -- and went to work in the morning yesterday because it was Rich's last day (and she had things she needed to do). So I wasn't surprised when she came home. She's downstairs right now napping.

I stayed up until 2 a.m. working on a project. At the end I was so frustrated, because I had the webpages looking quite nice -- but I couldn't get the damn things to validate. So I threw in the towel and went to bed. Then I spent some time awake praying again -- so many people to pray for right now.

Then I slept late -- I was shocked how late it was when I finally woke up!

Anyway, I got every single page to validate today -- for both the HTML and the CSS. Good deal! Validation is such a pain sometimes, but I did it. (Kevin kevinr would be proud. He was always the person I knew who most insisted on validation. I never cared much about it for years, but now I'm taking it a lot more seriously...)

I'd like to include a blog there, too. I've never really understood how to embed LJ in a website (I think Kevin did -- maybe I should write to him...???) -- but I can do it with Blogger. So...

Anyway, back to work, I guess!