July 31st, 2007

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My Computer Tech (and friend) Donn -- and Wife (and friend) Denise...

I was just starting to read my friends here at LiveJournal when I got a phone call from Marilyn mistressmarilyn. Denise Busby had phoned the festival front desk to leave a message for me to call her, because Donn had been in an accident on his motorcycle.

The bottom line? It's a miracle he's alive, frankly.

Denise is holding it together, but things are very grim.

Donn is flat on his back at Emanuel hospital, with eight broken ribs, a punctured and bruised lung and bruised heart. Plus he almost ripped off his big toe and is black and blue (or as Denise said, 'mostly black') on the entire side of his body...

Because he's self-employed, they have little to no medical insurance -- and this may cost them around $200,000. ("Sicko," anyone?)

Plus, he obviously can't be up and around to earn his living.

What in hell are they going to do???

These are good people. The very best. Decent and warm and hard-working people. I can't say enough good things about them, no matter how hard I try.

The accident took place on Germantown Road -- and all my life I've heard about horrible accidents up on Germantown...

There are some really disturbing elements about the accident, too -- but I won't bother going into them right now. Let's just say that the policewoman on the scene wasn't doing her job properly -- and forced them to use a towing service to move the bike. Even though they had AAA and could have had it moved under coverage. (Plus three men on the site offered to pick up and move the bike physically, rather than see it towed at Denise's expense!)

I feel so bad for my friends.

Yes, it could certainly have been worse. Denise and I talked it through and we both recognize that. She's like me and tries to see the good in every situation, no matter how bad. We were discussing the positive that might be behind this accident, ready to see it as having something good in it.

We talked about the recent passing of Donn's mother, too -- and how timing is everything, because there's no way either of them could be dealing with his mom during this.

Denise is spending pretty much 24/7 at the hospital. Donn is a vegetarian, so it's been a bitch getting any food down him. Emanuel has a great vegetarian menu, actually -- but it's designed for healthy people! If vegetables aren't cooked a certain way, they're impossible to digest -- which is what they've been dealing with for Donn. But he's on morphine and needs actual food in his stomach to counteract all the strong medicine! What a tough balancing act that is...

I need to try and get up to see him. I'm not sure when or how, but I must get there. Emanuel is our most local hospital, actually. It's much easier for me to get there than Denise, as it's the closest hospital to our house -- and they don't live anywhere near there. (Their computer office is located in St. Johns, which is here in North Portland where I live. I'm no longer in St. Johns proper, but I'm close. Originally they had a shop that was right up the street from my house...)

Emanuel is where I had my own surgery. And it's where Mom and Dad both went for all of their numerous surgeries. They were in and out of Emanuel constantly during those last ten years of their lives, so I know that hospital better than I even want to!

I realize none of my friends here know either Donn or Denise (or their family), but good thoughts and prayers are appreciated, even so. You'll never met anyone more deserving than these people, believe me.

Ironically, sister Sue was going to take in her daughter Candy's computer last week -- but didn't get to it. Now who knows when Donn will be able to work on a computer again??? And he's the best. Seriously. I've had him work on computers for me for well over a decade. (sigh)

Last night I spent ages just praying. Not my usual pattern of prayers, but praying over and over again for all the people in my life who really need prayers. Just very focused -- picturing the face of each individual and really going into detail about what help they need right now. (Of course, in the case of most of my cyber friends, I have to just imagine what they look! Still, some of you have shared photos -- or photo icons -- so I do imagine your faces when I pray in this intense way.) I guess I don't always do that with my prayers, now that I write about it...

Anyway, I feel strongly about the power of prayer -- or positive thoughts, if you prefer. Whether we're talking to God (or another spirit-being) -- or we're sending vibes into the cosmos -- I've seen this power at work my entire life. I believe.

I guess it's time to pause and spend more time at prayer...

But I have some other news to share, first -- that needs a separate post, I think! (Lately I feel like it's better to break up certain news into more than one post. So forgive me for spamming! I just can't put certain topics together right now, I guess.)

Two of my friends have birthdays tomorrow -- I don't want to forget that. I'm not always good about LJ bdays!

And tomorrow Nicole has her tonsils out!

Oh! And insurance won't cover Candy's biopsy at the hospital where it was scheduled for Monday -- so they changed it to Tuesday...

I really (really, really) need a cup of coffee now. (sigh)

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Staff Retreat (yesterday) for the Festival

I do need to post about work for a minute or two, regardless of other things happening in my life...

As I mentioned yesterday in this entry, Monday was the Staff Retreat for the festival. They discussed the recent layoffs -- and the plan for the future of association staffing.

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It would be nice to start getting a lot more cleaning done here at home, anyway. That's part of my plan -- to tackle the entire house. I want to eliminate clutter, so I can make it easier to clean. But it's rough -- as we have so much STUFF everywhere! (sigh)

I do have some work to do here on my home computer, too -- so I should try and get to it!