July 30th, 2007

mt. hood

Ants. Yes, Again.

Well, I probably shouldn't be complaining as hard as I am (smile), considering I haven't had to deal with them since this past March.

Interestingly enough, I can see from my journal that I had the same damn problem last July -- right around this same time! Okay, is that supposed to be telling me something, or what?

I don't think it's associated with hot weather, frankly. It just hasn't been that hot here in Portland recently! In fact, this is apparently one of our wettest Julys ever (well, on record). (ugh)

I'm pretty amused by the fact that my entry from last July 27 (2006) seems to very much mirror the current year. I don't know why I'm surprised, though! Every year the festival has a Summer Board Meeting in July -- and the Staff Picnic right after.

By the way, I was going on about the Mr. Clean 'Magic Eraser' in the entry I just linked -- but apparently I didn't continue to keep it in mind myself! But last week I took two black marks off the wall in the entry way near the front door -- and they'd been there forever! Thanks to the 'Magic Eraser' I managed it! Plus there was a terrible newsprint stain on the hardwood floor nearby that I'd tried using everything on to remove (all my usual floor cleaning products and wood oil, etc.). Again, the 'Magic Eraser' was the victor! Who knew???

Anyway, I've been up working on the ant situation since 7:30 a.m. (it's now going on 8:30). Marilyn mistressmarilyn is off to The Resort at the Mountain in Welches, Oregon -- at the base of the west slope of Mt. Hood. The festival is having a Staff Retreat there today -- so they can discuss the recent changes (mainly staff layoffs), plus future plans of the association.

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Just for fun, I'll share some The Resort at the Mountain photos Collapse )

For those who are unfamiliar with Oregon, Mt. Hood is truly a beautiful mountain!

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Marilyn and I drive there frequently, just as we drive up the Columbia River Gorge frequently.

In fact, we drove up to Maryhill Museum just yesterday! We went up the Washington side part of the way. We didn't go inside the museum (we rarely do), but we did go over and hang out in the wonderful sunshine (!!!) -- and I took photos of peacocks (yet again).

We are so very blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the country. We count those blessings every single day -- and I mean that.

One of these days I need to finally share my many (many, many) photos of Maryhill Museum, which is hard to simply describe without images...

Actually, I really need to download recent photos I've taken, period! I have pictures from the American Idol Concert (on Saturday night), the Lone Fir Cemetery event and on and on and on. (smile)

Well, I'd better get back to dealing with the (damn) ants!

charlie 2012 beige

Portland's own cinderfella story - A neighbor leads his team to state victory

I must share the following story. June (my best friend and next door neighbor) just told me that the neighbor across the street had been covered in the newspaper recently. So I went online to read the article I'm sharing here. It's pretty amazing!

I'm going to get a congratulations card and take it right over to him.

Which reminds me that I need to take both a sympathy card and birthday card to the neighbor across the street. It's so hard to keep up sometimes!

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I love that. I really do. Go, John!

hug tree, charlie hug tree


Left the cards (and gift) for Janet. She wasn't home, but her hubby Doug was...

Then I took the cards (and presents) to John.

We talked at length. John was quite proud -- deservedly so! He said that people are talking about making the story into a movie, which would be amazing! (You should see his trophies for the team, by the way.)

He also said that any one child on the team could have a movie made about how this has impacted his life.

Anyway, I'm delighted for both him and his son Jesse -- and the other kids on the team. It's not just about winning, but about the way it was done. I told him to keep up the good work -- and he said he planned to do exactly that.

I have to tell you -- I live in what's considered a poor part of town. But I've got many, many amazing neighbors. The people around here are good people (for the most part).

I love where I live.

ouch, bandaid

My Niece Candy and Her Daughter, Nicole...

Candy saw the specialist today about her continued laryngitis.

They're going to do an emergency biopsy this coming Monday. The doctor who saw her is pretty well convinced that Candy has throat cancer -- but of course the biopsy will tell the tale.

Meanwhile, her daughter Nicole, who is nine years old (as of this past March) is having her tonsils out on Wednesday.

Needless to say, with both her grandmother (sister Sue) and mother (Candy) in near hysterics, I'm sure the child is even more nervous about her own surgery. (She's been having some stress-related issues lately, as it is...)

I suppose we should have suspected the possibility of cancer, but I have to be honest and say that I didn't. But as Marilyn mistressmarilyn said when I phoned her (pulling her out of her Staff Retreat meeting... sigh), we should wait to hear the results of the biopsy before really reacting.

We have another good friend dealing with cancer. I think I've mentioned before that his wife Liz will have her surgery on August 7 (and has been going through cancer treatments).

On the 'good news' side, Candy just got certified as assistant manager of her store, which will mean more pay and more hours. But the timing is rough here. They can't afford for Candy not to be working and bringing in an income, but what can she do? As it is, she's been working all this time with barely a voice...

Any good thoughts (or prayers) you care to send their way are much appreciated, anyway. Thanks!

henry sweet, sweet

Vet Appointment Thursday -- for Henry Tudor Cat

A reminder!

Dr. Donald McCoy: Thursday, August 2 -- 2:20 p.m.

Henry needs his next series of shots...

I'm anxious to have Dr. McCoy check him out -- and let us know if he's put on a decent amount of weight. He always acts likes he's starving, no matter how much we feed him. (sigh)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn will take me, getting off work early for this purpose.