July 26th, 2007

good cats

Oscar the cat predicts patients' deaths

Here's a fascinating story I read over at Yahoo News. Here's the link. (The full story is under the cut.)

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If you've lived with cats for most of your life, this doesn't seem all that strange. Cats know things.

For that matter, animals know things.

As I've mentioned before, on parade day if the horses are really acting up, it's a sure sign that we'll have a storm later in the day. (Well, from the beginning of time, man has looked to various animals to tell him about the weather! And certainly not primarily horses...)

One of the things that fascinates me is how unwilling some are to believe this is genuine, or possible. Why is that, exactly?

Anyway, last evening I sat on the phone talking to Marilyn mistressmarilyn on her cell (hands-free only while in the car) -- and watched the cats suddenly leave the living room (where I was) and head into the kitchen (she comes in through the door from the garage, which is right by the kitchen).

So I asked her if she was almost home -- and she was. They knew that, and were heading to greet her -- even though Henry had been pretty fast asleep a few minutes before and Colin had been otherwise distracted.

I've frequently observed this same behavior -- with many different cats -- for decades. Coincidence? I think not.