June 30th, 2007

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Fourth of July (Independence Day) Icons!!!

So, I finally finished up this (first?) batch of Fourth of July icons. About time! I'm sharing them here for the members of seasonal_icons -- plus my LJ friends, of course! (Well, those of you who are Americans, that is!)

It's been ages since I posted any icons here. Actually, it's been ages since I made any new icons! About time, right? (smile)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these...

 4. 4th 4   8. 4th 8
14.4th 14  20.4th 20
These four, plus more, under the cut (20 total)...

Collapse )

Believe it or not, I have tons more that I've started. Probably three times as many additional! So I'll see if I can finish up some more and share them, too. (Of course, it's getting pretty late for Independence Day this year... sigh...)

I have a few animated ones, too -- so I really should try and share those...

We actually went out to the tennis court and played for a little bit today. Mitch joined us and I 'coached' some kids that were playing on the court next to us (Hannah, Dylan and Tyler). I can't help myself -- I just love to coach tennis. (grin) Hopefully we'll be playing a lot more tennis soon!