June 24th, 2007

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All About Henry! (Our New Kitten)

Time to tell all about Henry Tudor -- the cat, that is!

We had them bring two kittens in to 'visit' with us, a little gray fluff ball named 'Jack' -- and our new boy (under an alias), whom we immediately named Henry (after king Henry Tudor).

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Anyway, I'm going to post it now and just leave it 'as is.' At least it's informative -- sort of. (smile)

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Writing Circle!

Wow, time for another Writing Circle gathering, believe it or not!

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Hurray for Open Source -- and software creators and companies that support it!

And it's so easy to use it's almost a crime. Seriously!

Anyway, I've currently got around 1,200 words. I need 2,000 by tomorrow night. Very do-able. I should be able to finish up today. But if not, that's not much to get done tomorrow, writing-wise.

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I'm sure a good time will be had by all, anyway. The sharing of writing aside!

On another note, since my computer crash this past spring, I haven't had Zuma installed.

You know how it goes: I always seem to forget where I've put the info about downloading it again. Which is nothing to finding all the payment info! Order number, name I used, which email I used when registering it. Yada, yada, yada. I'd tried a couple of times, but never had the right combination. I found one email about it, but it wasn't the email I needed! So I was getting emails from Popcap Games saying that they had no record I'd bought it...

Last night I found the info and got my game up and running again! And I'd kept all my 'saved' games -- and had no trouble reinstalling those. Cool! I can play Zuma again. (grin) Marilyn and I both love that game...


And on the game front, we got out a very old, old game that we've had forever -- TriPeaks. It's not fancy or anything, but it's still fun. (smile) Marilyn's playing it as I type this.

Poor little Henry (the new kitten)! He's sick. They don't seem to be able to avoid that at the Oregon Humane Society. (sigh) And, yes, Colin is sneezing now, too.

At least Henry isn't that sick (so far). When we got Colin last year, he was sick as a dog!

By the way, Henry is lying in my lap right this second. Not that he's demanding or anything!