June 21st, 2007

pissed off, caesar pissed off

Not Fun Anymore...


I've officially gone from excited and amused to pissed off.

You know, if they weren't going to start the sale of Permanent Accounts at midnight (or just past midnight), then why didn't they simply SAY the exact time these would begin???

Now I have to agree with the comment that the LJ Admin is on a total 'power trip' -- and enjoying every minute of it. (That sort of crap makes me sick, by the way.)

Look, I probably wouldn't be as annoyed if Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I hadn't been looking forward to this for literally months. And if we hadn't been sleep-deprived for weeks on end.

This is the first time they've offered these accounts since back in 2005 -- when the sale only lasted for 24 hours and we missed it!

(Sorry, but we do have real lives, LJ. What that means is that we can't sit on the computer day and night -- even should we want to. That's how we can afford Permanent Accounts, by the way!)

Of course, I knew the second I heard this would happen in June that I was going to end up pissed off about the process.

Nevertheless -- even with our busy schedules -- we were taking time (when we could manage) to check and see if the sale was on or not. It took some doing, by the way...

Anyway, as we head toward 3 a.m. and have been lurking around LiveJournal for literally hours now, I'm feeling none-too-happy.

A commenter told me that LJ's staff needed sleep. WTF? More than I do? Apparently so!

Here's the deal: Having spent all this time waiting around, I now feel invested in being 'here' so I don't miss the beginning of sale -- tired, or not!

Okay, let me ask again -- how hard would it have been to simply specify the timezone involved and the EXACT TIME of the sale?

Were we stupid to assume Wednesday midnight? (When books or DVDs go on sale, that happens at midnight. And PST is were LJ is located, which we all know...)

You know, we do exactly that for various things we manage at LiveJournal communities. Do we think the LJ Admin is less capable or responsible (or caring) than we are as community moderators or assistant moderators?

I don't. (Should I maybe re-think that???)

I'll stop now. I just had to vent, frankly.

Whatever. I'll get over it and go back to excited, I'm sure... Maybe when I'm done with my garbage and recycling. Or after we've had more sleep. Or when we get our new kitten tomorrow. Anyway, at some point, I'm sure.

Probably after we've (finally) bought the Permanent Accounts. (Makes sense.)

You've done it again, LJ -- driven me f-ing crazy. (sigh)

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LJ? This is So Annoying...

Almost 4:30 a.m. and still no sign of the Permanent Account sale.


I really should let this go and just go the hell to bed, I know. But we've been waiting since around 9:00 p.m. last night!

Yes, that's seven and a half hours. (Good God!)

I'm getting very tired...

(Yesterday was a long and annoying day. Oh well.)

So. Will I last?

I guess that depends on how (damn) many hours they wait to finally start the sale!




Yawn. Many Thank, LJ -- I Needed to Lose More Sleep...

Forgive me if I'm bitter. But I don't know how much longer I can keep my eyes open...

Anyway, I did get my email Inbox down below 100 emails. Quite a bit below, actually! It's currently at 64!

You have to realize that the last month I've had trouble keeping it under 700 emails, due to work. It was totally out of control!

That made it really difficult to find certain things, I have to admit. But I wanted things right there in some cases, so...

What will sound bizarre is that I what actually quick to file anything to do with the GFP script, or the STORY BLOG project! So you can only imagine how many emails I've been getting on a daily basis.

I now totally understand what Marilyn mistressmarilyn means when she talks about all the time spent at work just reading, filing and answering (or otherwise dealing with) her email! And she probably gets five to ten times as much email as I do!

I wish I was as good at email management as she is. She can type so damn fast and think so quick. And the lack of sleep doesn't seem to make her rummy, the way it does me.

The interesting thing was how I'd be using every bit of my energy and mental strength to do the work. But don't ask me the name of any characters from a movie or book, or the names of actors -- even the ones I love! I've been so brain dead for those things it's not even funny. I often sound like I'm babbling when I'm not discussing something strictly work-related.

I guess that's the trade off!

So it's now past 6:00 a.m. and I'm stubbornly sitting here at my computer. It's like watching grass grow to refresh over and over and over again, waiting for the Permanent Account sale to start. (Shit.)

I am not a person who whines about 'being tired,' as a rule. In fact, generally speaking I find that sort of talk offensive and annoying. People seem to do it constantly and seem to think everyone around them should be sympathetic. Excuse me, but I happen to know tons of people who are forced to go without more than a couple hours (or 2-3 hours) of sleep for weeks -- and even months -- at a time. And they don't even bother to mention it, unless it's casual.

So I think I'll apologize for making a big deal out of losing sleep. I'll live. I've managed just fine all during the festival (and long before it), so what's another night?

I just hate it that my level of excitement went down considerably as the night passed by. (sigh) Damn. I was really enjoying waiting with Marilyn.

She gave up hours ago, not that I blame her. As I've said, she's been doing with far less sleep than I have -- and working much harder, too.

Well, I'm about to give up.

The sale will last a week, so what do I care if I'm one of the first to purchase this?

(But I do care. That's the whole problem!)

Get over it, Charlie.

I'm trying to. Honest!


hug tree, charlie hug tree

Permanent Accounts!

It's currently 9:40 a.m. our time. We've both done it -- so now we (finally!!!) have Permanent Accounts here at LJ!

Hurray for us! (smile)

And after around two hours sleep (not quite, but close), I'm considerably more functional than I was during my last few entries. (grin)

So we're going to pull ourselves together and head out to get our new kitten soon.

I'm excited all over again!!!

(Yeah, yeah. I know they'll make us wait and wait and wait. That's part of the process and why it takes so long. But it's worth it!)

I hope we do Starbucks first. I think that could only help wake me and help my mood...


I can't wait to have a chance to either make a bunch of brand new icons, or to install a bunch of my old ones I've taken down. Permanent Account holders get a total of 138 icons -- and right now I only have 116 up! Cool, huh???

Later! (Hopefully with photos of a new cat!)