June 19th, 2007

go me!

A New Tutorial (for PSP8)!


It's been ages since I wrote a new tutorial!!!

I can't believe I did it, to tell you the truth...

Those interested can view the tutorial here. It creates this gradient text effect:
Gradient Text Effect (small)

Cool, isn't it?

I have so damn much updating to do here at LJ that it's daunting, frankly.

Plus I still have tons of RL work to do! I need to get busy on it...

But one of these days I'll find more time for LiveJournal again. That's a promise!

hot stuff (sonny crockett)

Permanent Accounts at LJ!!!

Finally! I can't wait!!!

Neither can Marilyn mistressmarilyn!

And we'll probably turn at least one work-related account into a permanent blog, as well.

Read more about it here.

We've been waiting since the last time they did this, way back in 2005. Then it was only for 24 hours, by the way, so we totally missed the chance. This time they're giving people a week, which is great by me!

I find it ironic that all my worry about when they'd get around to offering this was unfounded. Thursday is actually an official day off work, believe it or not! In fact, the office is closed both this Thursday and Friday.

We'll probably get our new kitten (cat?) either Thursday or Friday.

Our hope is to also play some tennis over our four-day weekend. But we're not making any serious plans. It's going to be GREAT not to have any sort of schedule for several days running!!!

Today was 'share a memory of the festival' day at the office, combined with a potluck lunch. I made baked beans and Marilyn took chips. We also had a giant jar of dill pickles, which I turned over to Peter when he mentioned that he hadn't brought any food...

Like he needed to! There was tons of it.

It took around 2 1/2 hours to go around the room and share all the memories/stories. The rules were no time limits and no watch or clock watching! That was cool.

I'm thinking I'll get out now and ride my bike. I had a short ride yesterday, but could use the exercise!

Tomorrow is the annual 'Movie Day' at the office. Most people have opted to see "Ocean's Thirteen," which is certainly Marilyn's and my choice! I'm looking forward to it, frankly. After that we do snacks and drinks and then have the rest of the day OFF -- heading toward that four-day weekend. Hurray for us!

Marilyn has a KILLER day, today, though. (sigh) I'm sure she can't wait to get home. She'll have worked at least a 12-hour day by the time she gets through the door tonight...

I suspect we'll be eating a lot of leftover beans this coming weekend. (smile) Maybe with hot dogs! Summer is here, that's for sure.