June 13th, 2007


We Survived the Centennial. I Think...

Actually, I think it might be too early to say that. (smile)

Usually people will fall sick directly after the end of the festival for several good reasons. First, we're all dead tired. And this year is worse than previous years, frankly. I've never operated on this little sleep in my entire life -- I have nothing even close to compare it to!

Then we've got that post-festival let-down that always happens. You've had to be up and on-on-on every second, but now things are less intense. So the body and mind relax and people are suddenly able to be sick. It sounds crazy, but even if you are sick during it all, you just don't have time to give in to being sick! So you force it back until later...

I've been fighting off a cold, personally. (No wonder, as I was soaked to the skin on parade day and it was cold -- plus I had to sit around in wet clothes for some time before I could get home to a hot bath.)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn had a couple of dizzy spells -- one after we left the Centennial Ball (she had to put her head in her lap and almost passed out) and again the next day at the Centennial Exposition. I think she's fighting off the flu, as she's also had horrible body aches. But maybe it's just tremendous fatigue! She had so damn little sleep these past few months that it made it look like I was goofing off and sleeping in -- I kid you not! Plus it seems as if she never ate...

She's still got some major work to do, by the way. Just because the actual festival has ended, that certainly doesn't mean the work has ended! She was headed to City Hall today. And has been working on the one-hour format of the parade -- always trying when you're worn out after parade weekend.

Anyway, sister Sue and I are going to lunch with Greta, whom we haven't seen since she started her new job. I want the chance to tell her again how much Scarlett meant to us -- especially as we head toward getting a new cat (kitten?) this coming weekend (we hope).

I have oodles of things to share -- mainly I want to 'remind' myself what each event was like so I can always cherish this Centennial year!

I think one of my best memories will always be when the 100 Person Float came up to where I was helping form the parade. Suddenly several voices were calling out "Charlie! Charlie!" -- the next thing you know, most of the people on the float were calling my name! I was whipping my head from side to side to try and focus on each and every face! It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Former Governor Roberts was calling to me, Sam Adams gestured to me to jump on board and several people called for me to ride with them! I was smiling so big that it must have been one of those ear-to-ear smiles you always read about.

That was an incredibly humbling and moving moment! It seemed to last a long time, even though I know it was minutes, at most. (Hell, the parade is on a strict time schedule to make sure the elements make it on TV, after all! And we'd already had one hell of a time getting that heavy float up the drive -- which has an incline -- and to make the turn!)

I've received many person kudos from people this year for different aspects of my work, but that moment was priceless. It really was.

Well, we're off to lunch soon, so I'll end for now. (It's a bit of a drive to Longview, Washington, where we're meeting her.) I need to download more photos to share -- I have tons of them!

I also need to try and 'catch up' with what's been going on here at LiveJournal -- especially with all my friends! I feel so very much out of the loop recently. (sigh)

But the work is close to done -- and then there should be some time to relax and play! (And make icons, do tutorials, write fic and so on...)

Do you know that LJ's spellcheck sees LiveJournal as being spelled incorrectly? And LJ, too. Am I the only one who thinks that's weird???

For the record, I'm currently betaing Vertigo (again). I think they've made some good changes from the last time I betaed it, so we'll see!