June 6th, 2007


Junior Parade Day -- So Much to Update About!

Where to begin updating? I can't believe I haven't done a single entry since our Centennial festival actually started!!!

Last Thursday (almost one week ago) was the first official day of the festival. We had our Opening Ceremonies in downtown Portland at Waterfront Park by the Salmon Springs fountain. Our flotilla came on the river to dock and allow Rex Oregonus to disembark and be unveiled as former Portland Mayor Bud Clark -- whoop, whoop! (smile)

The Tall Sailing Ships were there, along with the fire boats and their spray.

Opening Ceremonies 2007 - small

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A woman from the Parks Department (a representative on behalf of Mayor Potter) presented Rex (Bud) with a giant 'key to the city' (that we'd had made for the purpose). Speeches were given and the Royal Rosarians were there, as well as our President Leslie and Rose Society President Jan. Plus a huge crowd! Oh! And Pat and Pat had two antique cars there for a small parade through downtown...

The booming of the cannons was WONDERFUL -- just like last year. It all went off perfectly and I cried tears of sheer joy, I have to admit.

Thursday night was the opening of Waterfront Village -- the festival's carnival. We had wristbands to wear to go on any and all rides, though I admit Marilyn and I only went on one. (smile) It had been a long day -- and long week -- so we walked around a bit and visited a bit and rode the giant ferris wheel and left for home.

Friday night was Fireworks on the river and the Sponsor Reception party -- the place to be! A huge tent and fenced area on the grass with a perfect view. The theme was the Roaring Twenties, so many were dressed appropriately (including Marilyn and me). I don't have photos from that event, unfortunately! But there was a photographer there taking pictures to include in one of those 'social events' spreads that you see in newspapers...

There was food and drink and great entertainment. We had fun (way too much, actually).

Saturday night was the Starlight Parade -- and Marilyn and I rode in the Pace Car again this year. It was less stressful for us, though, as we were in back and the windows didn't open -- so we were free not to smile and wave -- so we could really observe things. The crowds along the route were UNBELIEVABLE! In places it was 30 rows of people deep! I've never seen anything like it. Seriously!

After the parade we had an After-Party at Barracuda (a club downtown), where we had private chalets reserved. There was much dancing, drinking and partying and we again had way too much fun. (grin) I think we finally left at around 2 a.m.

Sunday we did get some sleep -- but the focus was working on projects that needed finishing up! It was our first chance to sit and do the GFP script together, which was really complicated this year. The parade is actually four parades inside a parade, and will run half and hour longer (minimum). We've estimated that participation this year will be around 5,000 people, rather than the usual 3,000 -- so you can see it's almost double! There will be 30 floats this year. We've got one equestrian entry that has 76 horses -- the most we've ever had in one group! One of the floats will be carrying 100 people -- the most people we've ever had on one float.

Anyway, it's very, very detailed.

We were up until 4 a.m. to finish up all but a few things. I think we got to bed around 5:00. Up again at 8:00. Yeah, we're not getting much sleep these days, as I'm sure you can tell...

Then Marilyn went to the office and I stayed home, glued to my computer. I went back to the final details of the script. We needed to have it to the copy shop before noon, in order to get it back in time for our PA Script Meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

Yes, I started this at 7:00 this morning. No, I haven't finished it -- and now it's almost 2:00 p.m.! But I'm working here at home, of course.

I'll probably end for now and post again later (if I get time). It's just crazy right now! So busy.

I did want to mention that my friends June and Jim are both driving in the Junior Parade today! Very cool. Jim is driving Jimmy Neutron, this year's Grand Marshal!

Back to work...