May 23rd, 2007

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Quick Update -- Marilyn on the Radio

I'm up. Actually, I've been up since around 7 a.m. (Hell, I've been awake since around 5:30-6:00, I guess.)

But right now I'm waiting to hear Marilyn mistressmarilyn on the radio, while sitting here typing on the GFP script.

She does a lot of radio, but I don't always get to hear it. So I'm looking forward to this.

I turned it on around 7:00 a.m. and in listening got a clue about what they might be asking her during the interview. So I did give her a 'heads up' on that. (smile) She's at the office working, but didn't have the radio on. (Of course you can't play the radio when you're on because of feedback. But it's more likely she was too busy to bother!)

We managed to stay awake to hear that Apolo won "Dancing With the Stars" (boo hoo). We voted a ton for Joey Fatone during the entire show (we saw every episode, believe it or not), so we were disappointed. But what the hell.

Rip City! Okay, if you know me at all, you know I'm not a Trail Blazers fan. I'm not into the sport, frankly. But we've had some very negative interactions with the Trail Blazers organization over the years, too. (sigh) Yes, I remember those days well when the Trail Blazers were IT. I can remember a time when you mentioned you were from Portland and people would immediately bring up the team... Anyway, it's all about the draft right now.

I've got to dash, even though I'd love write more. I'm just too busy today...

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Doctor Appointment

So I went in to see the doctor today.

Dr. Henderson -- 3:30 p.m.

I really liked Dr. Henderson, but she's only a temp. at my clinic.

Anyway, she did research and found a podiatrist who'll take my insurance. So I need to set up an appointment to go in and see him, but that's not happening until after the festival, clearly.

She did give me some practical advice about my right heel, so I'm going to try it and see what happens. The damn heel hurts like a bitch today and I'm even limping, but whatever. I'll deal. It's not like it's new pain or anything...

Well, back to work.

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Pirates Tomorrow Night? You Bet!

So why, you might ask...

Because once again our Waterfront Village will have a pirate theme -- so even though we'll get to go and see the movie, we'll also be working it (so to speak)...

I'm going to wear my fabulous (expensive) pirate hat and several of us will be there to hand out things and encourage people to come to Waterfront Village when the festival begins.

Yes, we're barely over a week out from the beginning of the actual festival! I can't believe it.

This Centennial has been years in the making. And it's finally here!

And it's as if they released the latest pirate movie just for us, in a way. (smile) In fact, at the Spring Board Meeting we included a slide in the PowerPoint presentation that featured Captain Jack!

I made good headway on the script today, in spite of that (brief) time out to go to the doctor. Marilyn mistressmarilyn wants it to go to print a week from Friday, which should be no problem at all. I feel very confident that it will be pretty much done within days.

This weekend we're going to focus on Ops materials. Counting and bagging hats and sending out various sets of instructions and tickets and so on. We might need to work late, but that's fine. I'm not stressed about that at all.

I can't believe it's time for another pirate movie! It seems like we just went to that midnight premiere...

Today we had rain again. I hope that's about over! It's getting close to time for us to really need decent weather. (fingers crossed)

I appreciate any and all good thoughts -- and prayers -- that you guys can send our way. We seriously need two weeks (minimum) of good weather, starting on Thursday, May 31! (Please, please, please.)

I've heard the whole Portland weather thing forever, so please don't bother bringing it up now! I just think we've earned it this Centennial, with all the time and effort so many have put into making this year special.

Jumping around (sorry), I have to say that it's fun doing the equestrian entries for GFP. Starlight doesn't have them, so it's really different and interesting. (And easy, frankly!) But, good God, we need to reformat that Script Form for the equestrian units, big time! (I love doing that, so I look forward to it. I've done it more than once with the band script forms...)

Marilyn got home around 9:00, I guess -- and I worked until then. Then we watched some of the "American Idol" finale, which was really good, I thought. Blake was probably my personal favorite, but I loved Jordin, too. So I'm happy with how things turned out. It was great seeing Rubin and Carrie and the many, many others who performed. I love the show. (Marilyn wore her "American Idol" tee to work part of the day -- when she didn't have her uniform on, that is!)

I'm rambling now, so I think I need to sleep. (Even if it is only 11:00 p.m.!)

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I phoned my friend yesterday to wish her a happy birthday -- but things are pretty bad for her. Her mother had a fall and now she can't walk at all. (sigh) Poor Sandy. She's hardly up to managing her mother all alone...

And my friend June isn't doing all that well lately, either.

I have a lot of praying I need to do...

Good night!