May 11th, 2007

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Tutorial: How to 'Escape' Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)

Here's an example of the sort of thing I tend to put up at my personal 'tutorials' community (cmc_tutorials)...

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Hey! Isn't it interesting?

I mean, first Microsoft creates version 7 of Internet Explorer and attempts to pretty well copy what competitors (like Firefox, Netscape and others) have already done. Okay, I suppose that's a good thing -- it was about time they offered tabbed browsing (among other changes)!

But it really bugs me that they made this part of the Automatic Updates! How annoying is that?

Then they're forced to create a way to block that update -- clearly because so many people HATE version 7 of IE! (That tells us something, doesn't it?)

My God, the arrogance of Microsoft simply never fails to amaze me...

Oh. For the record, I rarely ever use Internet Explorer myself. I haven't used it much for several years now. I just never liked it much...

But you know, I never used to use Firefox much, either! However, recently I've found myself pretty well 'hooked' by a couple of the EXTENSIONS (plugins) that are available for Firefox! (The ImageShack toolbar is a perfect example of a great plugin!)

(Yes, I'm still a fan of some other IE clones, but I'm using these less frequently now...)

I guess I'm saying you should give Firefox a whirl, especially if you've never tried it before. (Just click the link to go and download!)


I tend to have numerous browsers loaded on my computer, even if I don't use them very often. I like to check webpages in multiple browsers, knowing that people don't all use the same one, after all. (I just think that's a courtesy that a webmaster should always attempt...)