March 13th, 2007

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Okay, LJ!

I've never mentioned that I find it a big plus that LJ doesn't dump your username when you're logging in and accidently type the wrong password (the way many sites will). I know it's only a few keystrokes (plus putting the cursor back into the correct box), but I'm all about avoiding the extra work. (heh)

You know, I need to post more often and mention the things I really like about LiveJournal! After setting up an account at MySpace -- and spending time (very little, I admit) there -- I'm really reminded how much I love the LJ environment! (All my gripes totally aside. Yes, I mean it!)

Consider this a 'LJ Rocks' entry, I guess -- with more to come.

By the way, I know I've often complained about how 'slow' LJ is. But, hell, that was before I tried to do things at MySpace. (yikes) Obviously I was too green to know better! (smile)

You rock, LJ!

(Is anyone else annoyed that there's a 'negative' mood, but not a 'positive' one? Obviously I can add it myself, but come on now!)