February 27th, 2007

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Grapefruit... (and my Thanksgiving Cactus!)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I just split a grapefruit...

I cut it in half, removed all the seeds and then carefully cut the sections.

grapefruit, sectioned

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...just the way my dad always did.


Daddy, I think of you whenever I do that.

It was one of those charming things Dad would do for us (like cutting the stings off celery sticks so we wouldn't choke on them). I guess I'm carrying on the tradition! (grin)

On another note, my Thanksgiving cactus is blooming!!!

Thanksgiving cactus

EDIT: Actually, both of my cacti are in bloom. (The small one in back is the one I got from Rita, years back...)

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I've had it for over two years. My friend gave it to me in November 2004 -- and it was in full bloom at the time. But it hasn't bloomed once since then!

When I mentioned it was blooming to her husband, he jokingly said, "It must be confused about the date."

I think it looks beautiful -- and I don't care if it is three months late. (grin)

Life is good...

Bedtime! Marilyn has an early meeting tomorrow -- and Wednesday, too. But she did get off early today.

She had a 4:00 appointment with Colleen to get her taxes done. (St. Johns Tax Service -- we've gone there for years. Mom and Dad used them, too. So does sister Sue...) Marilyn picked me up and I rode along -- and I plugged in phone numbers from my cell to her cell while I waited. But it didn't take more than ten minutes (fifteen, tops). How about that? She told me Colleen was impressed that she was filing a whole month earlier than last year...

We hope to get a new king-sized mattress for Marilyn's bed, new carpet downstairs, and a (much-needed) new microwave for the kitchen. (Our current microwave was in Mom and Dad's house until after Mom died -- and is more than twenty years old!) I'm forgetting something else we discussed, but it won't come to me...

Then we hope to put some money back in savings, as we had to take money out to get the furnace installed last December. Oh! And the good news was that we got a tax break for installing it (and are still due a rebate)!

Again, it's bedtime -- I'd better haul ass.
don't forget (tooth)

IMPORTANT: Vet Appointment for Scarlett

A reminder!

Dr. Donald McC.: Tuesday, February 27 -- 3:20 p.m.

(Yes, tomorrow.)

Scarlett is just so skinny! I swear she's lost weight -- and she was tiny to begin with. Plus she's been throwing up a ton lately. (sigh)

Anyway, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I agreed that we shouldn't let this slide, in case something can be done...

It's close to a year since Scarlett joined our family, by the way (come March)!