February 15th, 2007

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Box (Box.net)

Yeah, I've had a Box account forever and a day. (Okay, since May, 2006. I exaggerated a bit!)

I do have a public file (or two?) there, if anyone is interested...

I use the account to upload the script so I can 'carry' it back and forth to work with no fuss and muss. (Actually, I can access it wherever I happen to be, which is damn handy!)

I don't remember who put me on to Box (maybe Donn?), but it's a good deal. You might want to check it out!

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Wednesday's Rose Planting -- Tonight's GFP Party -- and More!

Or perhaps the subject should be: My Feet are Sore. And I'm Tired. (So I'll Whine...)

Tonight was the GFP party. If you're thinking party as in 'party on,' then think again! But it's exciting to be in a room filled with people who are all invested in the parade -- and sharing the excitement of Marilyn's mistressmarilyn Centennial Vision!

And make no mistake, the Centennial events that are slated for this year are happening because of Marilyn -- and it's becoming more and more clear that many people recognize that fact!

She spoke tonight -- and people were captivated. She's an amazing public speaker (always has been), who doesn't get enough opportunity to display that talent. I'm always fascinated to discover there are people we work with all the time who don't know how well she can speak.

Tonight she was working entirely off the cuff. In fact, it's rare that she even uses notes to speak -- even though she's constantly writing speeches for others to give. As a matter of fact, she's done a ton of speeches lately, with the rose planting at City Hall last Thursday and the Tea and rose planting at Pittock Mansion yesterday. (And my advice to the people she writes for? Stick to her speech. Don't deviate. I've seen a lot of people who spoke very successfully using the speeches Marilyn wrote for them. And I've seen many poor speeches given where the people in question decided to go their own way... Trust her. She's not just a good speaker -- she's a great writer!)

People were coming up to her (and to me, too) and expressing admiration for her passion and speaking ability. Both were clearly apparent. I could say again (as I always do) that I'm very proud of her, but that's a given. I'm never surprised, because I know what she's capable of. In fact, I'd be more surprised if she didn't do an excellent job, frankly. Maybe you had to be there (and I never think to make movies of these things, damn it) to believe it. And, yes, I know that it's very rare that a person is both a good writer and a good public speaker. But it does happen...

Anyway, I'm delighted when we attend an event an numerous people come up to me for my recognition -- and hugs and kisses. I'm loud, I'm warm, I'm welcoming. I like people and I let them know it when I see them. I can barely walk a few steps across the floor before I'm stopped by someone -- and often I'm interrupted while speaking to a given person (or circle of people) by someone else who wants to greet me! It's an amazing feeling that I doubt I'm expressing all that well...

What's interesting is that I can see certain people on one day at a function (like the Tea and rose planting yesterday) -- and then see them the very next day (say at the party tonight) -- and be treated with equal interest and warmth on both occasions! You'd think that the second time around people might be more subdued, or less affectionate -- but it's simply not true.

I try hard to work the entire room, but it's hard to do when you're stopped as often as I am. I missed speaking to someone I really want to greet tonight, for example. But all in all I managed to talk to most of the people both yesterday and today -- so I'm pleased with how it went.

Today a Princess from the 1943 court (Phyllis) came in to the office to visit (with her son Gary). She was such a delight to meet! She's currently 82 (turning 83 next month), and as lovely as you can imagine. (I need to post photos, as I took many today.) The War-time courts didn't have the opportunity to ride in the GFP, because the parade was cancelled during those years. So the goal this year is to find these women and give them the chance to ride on a float! Isn't that exciting?

Phyllis' nickname is Phooty (pronounced footie) -- isn't that adorable? Her sister gave her that nickname. I was hugging her and had my arm around her shoulders much of the time while she was there -- and we were Phooty and Charlie, two peas in a pod. (smile) Phooty loaned us her beloved scrapbook -- and I was dying to get my hands on it! It's full of newspaper clippings from 1943. Plus lovely photos and all her letters. I'd never seen the Festival Association stationery for that period before today! Very exciting...

I started to scan the historical materials she shared with us this afternoon -- and hope to work on it more tomorrow, too. What a find -- both Phooty and her scrapbook, I mean! (grin)

Phooty will probably also loan us her gown and shawl to display at the Centennial Expo, which is delightful news. Her son Gary kept saying that we were making her day -- but I had to tell him again and again that she was making our day! A true win-win situation, obviously.

I'm not getting as much sleep as I'd like this week, but that's okay. Thankfully I woke up last night at 3 a.m. and did the garbage and recycling! (There's no place to put two weeks worth of those around this house...) We were late getting up this morning, but made it to work in plenty of time for Marilyn's 7:30 meeting. (That made three early-morning meetings this week, for those who are counting. Pretty average, actually!) It seems to me that Marilyn is averaging 12-14 hour days now -- and it's only February! Plus she's been doing a lot of work from home, too. She almost never takes a lunch hour (unless it's a meeting of some kind) -- and rarely eats anything during her work day. (I see red when I hear her assistant whining because she's late getting lunch for one lousy day, believe me! Get over it, please!)

When we two finally went to Starbuck's at 3:00 p.m., I was really ready for that coffee fix! And I even got a six-inch tuna sandwich from Subway (though Marilyn did not)...

I was on my feet for almost the whole event this evening -- and my feet are sore! You know, when I think about it, I was on my feet a lot today... (Want cheese with that whine?)

I need a nap. Seriously. (Bread with that whine?)

At least our first meeting tomorrow isn't until 9:30 (a meeting we share, for a change). So we can relax and not have to be up by 6:00 or 6:30... (smile)

You know what? I just realized that I'm only relating things -- but not really whining (or not that much). Today was busy (and stressful) and exciting -- and had some big highs (and lows, too). And I'm happy to be a part of it all! Hell, my feet will be fine. And I'll take a nap (soon) and be ready to face another busy day. No worries!

We plan to stay late at the office tomorrow night, as there's tons to catch up on. (Not enough hours in the day, frankly.) I don't mind it as much when Marilyn works late if I'm in the office, too. (I just don't like her being in the building all alone, the way she is sometimes...)

It rained cats and dogs yesterday, but the event (tea and rose planting) went well, even so. We managed to move the rose planting the last second so that we were out of the rain under the mansion's car porch. Good deal! (heh) And the Oregonian had a photo of the event, showing our 'Living History' characters, Georgiana Pittock (it was a tea in her honor) and Mayor Harry Lane during the planting! (Mayor Lane was holding the train of her dress as she bent down to help plant the rose. It was a charming photo!)

Mrs. Pittock, Mayor Lane and Rex Oregonus also put in an appearance at tonight's event. They make such a big hit wherever they go! (Today I helped Mrs. Pittock with her dress, as the buttons run all the way up the back and she can't possibly reach them! Then I laced up Rex, who wears an extravagant costume based on Tudor-period garb. Yes, yes -- I must share photos! Soon, I hope...)

I need to take time and download photos, to be honest. I just haven't had time to get to it...

Well, I need that nap! I hope I can find time to blog tomorrow, too! So much to write down for my own records! I can't believe how little I've done at LJ recently...

go you! (fireworks)

Score! Tom Sent Flowers...

Tom sent Marilyn mistressmarilyn flowers yesterday for Valentine's Day. Hell, not only did he send a dozen red, long-stemmed roses, but he also sent a red and white bouquet of carnations! (Two different flower gifts, in other words.) Make note, if you're a man who wants to impress, please... (grin)

Of course, she was hoping he'd send flowers -- and delighted when she finally got them! They came rather late in the day, so she didn't get the added delight of showing off to everyone in the office. (heh) But a few people saw them and were duly impressed... (And if you have to ask why that matters, then there's no explaining it to you. I mean, if the point isn't partly to impress the people you work with, then simply send the flowers to the house! Tom clearly gets this -- and it's not like we've had to tell him, either.)

Okay, I may not currently have a boyfriend in my life, but you know what? I still like Valentine's Day! It doesn't have to be wrapped up in romantic love. It's a fun and harmless little holiday that gives us an excuse to decorate with hearts and lace and eat candy (especially chocolate). So what the hell... I simply don't get being anti-Valentine's Day.

And don't get me wrong -- I love being single. I flirt my head off and have a lovely time doing it. I get lots of attention from people and don't feel ignored or unhappy.

But maybe it's what you make of it (as most things are, anyway) -- and lots of people prefer to be negative about it. (Hell, many people find excuses to be negative all the time, so that's no surprise...)

The office has been full of cookies, candy (mostly chocolates) and cupcakes this week. Everyone has been eating goodies galore... (Yes -- even the 'be good' people!)

Okay, but it is time to be good! (I'm talking about me now... Yikes!)

Why, yes -- we did bring home a pile of the wonderful catered food from the GFP party. (grin) Roast beef, chicken, turkey, ham, several cheeses, olives, veggies, loads of fruit (including grapes, pineapple and strawberries) -- and on and on. Enough for lunch tomorrow and then some! (Looks like we might both actually eat tomorrow!) But this didn't include a bunch of the fancy desserts, you'll note. So it doesn't fall on the 'bad' list, food-wise.

And speaking of scoring (we were earlier), Tom also brought us another huge box of chips! We took some in to share at work (big hit) -- and I gave a bag to sister Sue and family. There were Cheetos (big fave) -- plus some new things to try out... (I haven't been eating a ton of these recently -- but a few chips now and then are fine, as far as I'm concerned. Moderation, people. Moderation!)

Tom is a keeper! (smile)

Seriously, I need that nap now!