February 9th, 2007

busy caesar, busy

lj_releases -- Check it Out!

If you haven't added lj_releases to your friends, you really should...

It's another important way to keep informed about what's going on here at LiveJournal!

Yes. I couldn't resist trying my hand at making some 'quickie' icons for said community. (smile)

(You guys know how I am... I love making and sharing icons.)


Bedtime! Another busy day tomorrow...

sigh (wishbone)

I'm an Idiot. Mass Transit Time!

I didn't wake up this morning.

Accordingly, I missed riding with Marilyn mistressmarilyn to work. (She had to take off, because she had a 9:30 meeting she had to get to and she was running late -- especially for her! As you can tell by my entries, she's usually at work by 8:30 at the latest. And often she's there much, much earlier!)

I dashed around and was ready to go by 9:11 -- but what good did that do me?

It's now 10:00 a.m.

I need (want?) to get to work. (No. I have no set time to be there, so it's not like I'm 'late' or anything.)

Um. But I've never ridden public transportation to the PRFA office, believe it or not...

Yeah. I'm such a wuss about taking buses I'm not familiar with. (gulp)

Plus I've got my normal heavy bag -- and this banker's box full of Centennial items -- that I need to haul along. (I shouldn't mention it, but for whatever reason I woke up with a backache today... I'm sure there's a good reason here!)

I tried calling my best friend's house for a ride (I'm not above begging) -- but there's no answer there.

So it's time to balls up and go tackle the buses! (smile)

Hell, I can do this. I used to ride the bus to work all the damn time. It's just that the current location of the PRFA office isn't downtown (which is easy) -- instead it's over near John's Landing. (I just realized it's been more than 20 years since I rode a bus to that area! Except for going to the office, I have no reason to go there, obviously.)

I can do this.

And maybe next time I'll get my ass out of bed on time! (Even if we should happen to stay up past 4 a.m. the night before...)

busy caesar, busy

Work. Centennial Focus!

For those who were worried about me, you'll be happy to hear that I made it safe and sound to the office. (grin) I need to post a small rant at some point about the 'Nazi' driver I had on my first bus, though. What a jerk! (Not to me, thankfully. But he was so bad with some of the passengers that I'm going to report him. I mean it.) And I missed my connection downtown, so I had to stand and wait for more than half an hour for the next bus. (Holding my heavy bag and box full of Centennial goodies.)

Fortunately for me, the weather was lovely! Cool, but dry with blue skies peeking through the clouds.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn was in a meeting when I got here, so we didn't even see one another for over an hour after I'd arrived!

So, I'm here and working away -- with piles to scan and loads of historical research to do. Plus I need to get cracking on the 'Parade Wall' (which I've yet to help with at all)...

Busy, busy, busy!

No, I didn't get Jim's bday cake baked last night. I was too tired. Maybe tonight! (We still need to take over his cards and a couple small presents we have. I already handed him his 'big' present -- unwrapped -- when he came over and happened to see it lying there. Saved the work of wrapping it!) Thankfully both Jim and his wife totally understand how it is for us now...

I'd love to share some of the photos I'm scanning -- they're wonderful! Maybe I will at some point...

Better get back to work!