January 31st, 2007

regal (anne boleyn)

Valentine Icons -- Part Two!

I already shared two dozen Valentine icons here (yesterday) -- and I have another two dozen to share today... (I warned you that I'd made a ton of them! Believe it or not, I'll probably have another batch to share at some point...)

So with 24 more, that brings my Valentine's Day icons offering to a total of 48. (whew)

I've got a nice mixed bag: chocolates and other candy, gems and jewelry, cake and pastries, flowers and hearts galore...

If any of my friends would like text or your usernames added to one (or more) of these, just let me know! I'm sometimes bad about it, but I promise to make a sincere effort... (smile)

valentine 1  valentine 3  valentine 7
These three, plus more under the cut.

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Yes, yes -- there are still more to come. (Seriously.) I don't know why I have so many valentine-oriented icons, but there you go! (grin)

So... Today was sister Sue's 64th birthday. I went to lunch with her and a group of her friends. Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I gave her a tennis bag and racket (with a can of balls) -- and an airline ticket. She wants to go with us on our trip to Vegas in April, so now she'll have airfare, at least...)