January 23rd, 2007

grand king louis

A New Day!

I'm over my whining from yesterday (thankfully). I think I over-reacted a ton, to be honest. (grin) But what a difference a new day makes!

I have to say that the majority of my personal experiences here at LiveJournal have all been positive ones. There have been a few random negative moments, yes. But they barely tip the scale when weighed against all the good times I've had!

And as I like playing in positive arenas, that's great by me. (smile)

The communities I help moderate -- and the other communities I belong to -- all seem to be friendly and interesting...

Well, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and Jeff were off first thing this morning to meet with the Governor. I hope it goes well! (She got some bad news at work yesterday, so they could use a 'win' today...)

I'm leaving with sister Sue in a few minutes to go do some computer-related things at her house.

I wonder what happened with friend June's computer? The last I heard she hadn't taken it in yet to Donn...

I still need to reinstall a bunch of my plugins for PSP. (sigh) But at least it's working just fine! (I've already had both version 7 and version 9 open for community questions this morning...)

I think I may have offended one of my LJ friends. It was entirely unintentional, but there it is. I'm probably too outspoken about things. I've always been that way. But I hate to be hurtful to anyone -- I really do. (Oh well. I guess I'll stick with being honest and supportive. It's the best I can do.) I'll just have to wait and see what happens...

beg, cat begs

Help! (Please?)

I'm now going to use my new 'beg' icon. It's an imperative!

Can someone who uses Paint Shop Pro version 7 (and has a fairly decent grasp of it) go and read this entry and my comments?

And could you give it a try and see if it works or not?

I'm at a loss. Why wouldn't breatheonme be able to save the image as a transparent .png? I did every step myself using PSP7 -- and it worked fine for me. (sigh)

If I'd done it as an actual tutorial then I might have added an image or two more, but that wouldn't change the various steps I'm explaining. I can't help wondering if I'm leaving something out...

Thanks in advance! (If you do it, please post here to this entry -- and not as a comment there. I think things are confused enough over there...)

EDIT. I just tried it again -- and it worked again.

Go under the cut to see...

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(sigh) Yes. I'm sighing again.