January 22nd, 2007

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Creating a Table for Sharing Icons -- the HTML Code

More than one person has asked me how to create the code for sharing icons here at LiveJournal (or at other LJ-like blogs). I keep promising I'll explain how, but I haven't done that until now. (yikes)

To begin, yes -- I can write basic HTML code, which is what I'm sharing here. No. This won't do the code for you -- nor will it automatically create a table for you. You're going to have to do a lot of the work yourself. (Sorry.)

That said, if you've got a good software -- like NoteTab Lite (which happens to be free) -- then you can easily Copy the code below into it and do a 'search and replace' to change some of the code. (Yes. I highly recommend all versions of NoteTab -- perhaps the finest software I've ever used.) And sure, you can do this in many other text editors easily well, just for the record...

There's no way around it, though -- you'll have to enter each and every image address/URL with the 'cut and paste' method. But, hey, even if you can find a table generator, you still have to enter that info, anyway! (grin)

I'm going to show a sample of how the table code displays (including icons of my own). Then I'll show the code below that -- with some basic instructions for use.

Collapse )

I hope you find this code useful! If you do, I'd love to hear about it, so take time to comment, please. (Thanks.)

It's not as easy as a Table Generator, granted -- but it's here and it works!

Good luck using it -- and sharing your icons!

caesar great, great

Free Image Hosting - LINKS List

Free Image Hosts -- LINKS LIST


The Image Hosting







YOU can help! Please, please, please...


If you've used one of the services listed above and want to leave a REVIEW, please do. For example: If a service is clearly crappy, then I'll edit and remove it from this list -- but if it rocks, then your comment will support keeping it here.

And if you have another service you want to highly recommend, I'll gladly edit and add it to this list!

Question: Why this list?
People from various communities are constantly asking for places they can host their images, so I decided that I needed my own 'links list' to refer them to. (grin)

Your helpful comments are greatly appreciated in advance!

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Finally! I Shared the Icon Table Code! (Plus Computer Crash and Miscellaney...)

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've been promising to this -- sharing the icon table code -- forever and a day. (smile) But it's not like it only takes a couple seconds to type it up, after all!

So for those who missed it (I had it 'private' for ages today while tweaking it), you can view the actual entry here.

Wow. I feel a true sense of accomplishment now! (heh)

And meanwhile, I'm still working on the damn Snowglobe tutorial I promised to do... (Yes, yes, yes. I'm going to finish it one of these days. Seriously.)

I managed to 'crash' my computer last night. (sigh) Actually, I crashed Paint Shop Pro 9! It was a stupid thing that annoyed the hell out of me. I was making a custom Preset Shape (of a snowflake) and I simply tried to overwrite an existing shape with the same name. No go. And I mean! It froze solid. I couldn't turn off the computer, much less exit the frozen software!

When the computer re-booted, I had a disk error (and other crap). I tried to use the 'fix' on PSP9. That didn't work. I tried several things -- but ended up needing to uninstall and reinstall. (Which is why I really prefer owning backup software disks to simply having downloads... Anyway...)

I need to remember to tell the psp9_fun members that they should check for the update from 9.00 to 9.01 if they haven't previously. It takes care of some weird little bugs. (Like when you try to open an animation in PSP9, it warns that you'll only get the first frame -- which version 9.00 does not!)

I now need to reinstall a bunch of plugins (damn) and other stuff. (sigh) But at least it's working again! (And no -- don't ask me why I'm not using PSP-PXI! It's a great software. I'm just in the process of making the transition. Besides, I'm still doing mass amounts of tutorials with PSP9...)

What else? My manicure appointment is not this coming Friday, thankfully -- as that's the day I see the next specialist. (ugh)

My friend June crashed her new version of Internet Explorer (version 7) bad yesterday. I spoke to Donn (my tech guy) and he said he's very iffy on the new upgrade! I don't personally use it much, so it doesn't matter to me. I tried to fix June's problem, but it was no go -- no matter what I did. (Including uninstall and reinstall.)


Then I tried to get her to use Firefox as her default browser -- but she wasn't having any of that, either! I've spent ages on the phone with her today. Then Donn. Then her. And her. And her. (sigh) I wouldn't mind if I felt I was actually helping, but clearly not, as she's heading to Donn to get him to fix it...

By the way, this happened when June installed SpamFighter on her computer -- which is anything but an actual spam fighter! If this happens to come your way, resist the 'free' offer and don't install it. The damned thing actually gets in your email addresses and sends out messages to all your friends! Awful. (Marilyn and I both got it at home and work from June -- but we deleted it, of course.) Then it lies and tells you all the spam it's blocking.

June was especially fooled by taking it off -- and then seeing tons of new spam appear. Sure! That's what they do to make you believe it's working!!! (yikes)

Well, off to do something productive. (smile)


Shoot Me. Am I Nuts?

So I don't expect a brass band. I don't even expect thanks most of the time. I love moderating and I love answering questions. (It's what I do.)

But, hell...

When I spend ages to answer a question, the way I did here, I think throwing a 'thanks' in prior to asking for more help might be nice. Or am I being totally unreasonable here?


Maybe I'm currently maxed out on answering things without hearing a word in reply -- I don't know. Normally it doesn't bother me. But this one? It just seemed like that straw. You know the one -- the one that did in the camel. (heh) So naturally I'll just rush right over and try to answer the next question I got as a reply to my comment.

Yeah, you got it.

I am an idiot.