December 27th, 2006

eggnog, nog

Not the day I planned...

Okay, so I didn't exactly plan to spend the day this way. Oh well. I got most of what I wanted to get done checked off my list. (grin) So I guess that counts for something!

For those following the on-going saga of my health issues, I finally spoke to my insurance person on December 26 (yesterday). She told me that she'd contacted my clinic the first part of November and told them that I was okayed to go to the two specialists. But when I spoke to them around a week before Christmas, they acted like I still needed to deal with my insurance! Not that I find that annoying or anything... (grr)

So months later (!!!), I was finally ready to set up the appointments to see specialists! (hurray)

My plan had been to set up both those appointments today. Then sister Sue phoned around noon and wanted me to go along to take her granddaughter Nicole and Nicole's friend Corinne all the way to St. Helens to McDonalds, where they have a Play Place. I didn't really want to go, but I went anyway. And I actually had fun with Sue and the girls. (smile) We ate McDonalds food (grin) and then the girls played and Sue and I chatted. After that we went over to the Dollar Tree to shop. Loads of fun!

But I was anxious to get home and set up those appointments! Happily, with much hold time on the phone, I did just that! (I'll do a separate post with the dates and times, but suffice it to say that both appointments will take place during January!)

The amusing thing was that I screwed up the one appointment by looking at a 2006 (computer) calendar -- instead of 2007! (duh) So I had to phone back again and change it. What a dummy! Color me very red on that one...

Anyway, now I just need to cancel my doctor's appointment for next week, then set up another dentist appointment to replace the one I canceled because of the furnace install...

Other than that, I put together the new tree we bought at half price (I love Wal-Mart) yesterday. I couldn't resist actually setting it up in the yard, so it's out there right now. (I shall take and post photos!!!)

My neighbor saw it and phoned me all excited. She was getting ready to go shopping for one like it with her husband -- so that tells you how pretty it is, doesn't it?

I didn't get much else accomplished, really. But I am working on some icons for the New Year to post at seasonal_icons -- and I think they're turning out very nice!

I need to post about the furnace issues and a bunch of stuff later on, I guess. Right now my cats appear to want dinner, so...


'Happy New Year' Icons!

Yeah, yeah. All my icon posts are probably starting to bore my LJ Friends. (smile) But I can't help myself! I'm just loving sharing over at seasonal_icons!

My next batch will probably be 'rain' icons, as I started a bunch of them for the hell of it in the fall... (Well before joining up at the icon community.)

Or maybe I'll whip up some nice 'snow' icons. Both seem appropriate for winter use, depending on where you live, of course!

Say! You know what? I could be doing 'summer' icons for my Australian friends! I guess 'seasonal' depends on where you live, after all...

Well, it might be a bit early, but this seems like a good time to wish everyone a...

Happy New Year!

sample 1sample 2
happy new year 17happy new year 13
These two, plus more under the cut!

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Marilyn mistressmarilyn is currently sitting beside me working on icon making -- and doing so well, too. It rocks my world. And it's fascinating to me how much it helps my own icon making to teach things to her... Woo hoo -- double benefit! (smile)