December 26th, 2006

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Kwanzaa Icons!

Today (December 26) is the first day of Kwanzaa, which runs December 26 - January 1. So I thought I'd share some Kwanzaa icons in honor of the holiday! (smile)

Happy Kwanzaa to those who celebrate!

sample 1sample 2
kwanzaa textkwanzaa 2
These two, plus more under the cut!

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I'm really enjoying creating icons for the seasonal_icons community -- plus now I find it very inspirational to see how excited Marilyn mistressmarilyn is about icon making! Whee! (grin)

Membership at seasonal_icons -- and Another Tutorial! (Plus Miscellaney...)


I haven't been a member there very long, but I've already posted six times to the seasonal_icons community! How about that?

I don't remember when I joined it, but I do recall that it was spotlighted at lj_spotlight on December 8. (Anyway, even if I did join on that day, I know I didn't have posting access on December 13, because I tried to post there and couldn't...)

Well, I have to say that I'm really enjoying being a member -- and not just to post my own icons. I love seeing what the other members share there, too. Such lovely, lovely stuff...

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The amusing thing? I made tons more Christmas/holiday icons that I could have shared! Seriously. It's almost scary to realize how many I made -- especially when I realize that I wasn't on the computer as often as usual recently, with everything else that was going on. (yikes)

Oh! And I wrote a new tutorial (text on a path) that I shared at psp9_fun.

Actually, I've also finished writing a tutorial on how to create a globe Tube that I haven't shared yet. I'm trying to finish up another tutorial on how to make animated snowglobes first, as I'd like to post them at the same time -- or at least close. (The globe Tube is used in making the animated snowglobes.)

I'd really hoped to have that snowglobe tutorial done before Christmas -- and I did start in on it ages ago. But things got so busy for me during December that I didn't get much chance to work on it. And I guess it's more complicated to write than I'd thought it would be.

What's interesting is how simple it can seem to do something -- and how much harder it is to write a good and detailed tutorial on how the thing is done! It's a good thing I don't time myself when I'm writing tutorials, as I imagine they take even longer than I think they do...

By the way, I'm just so excited to have Marilyn mistressmarilyn learning how to use PSP9! She's been screen-capping from movies like crazy to get the images she wants to make icons from -- and then working very hard to make her new icons. And she's learning how to do things that literally took me ages to learn myself! It's impressive to me...

I need to post about Christmas Eve and today (Christmas Day), as well. I took a few photos last night that I haven't downloaded yet...

We spent a relatively quiet time both days, which was perfect! And we both spent ages playing with PSP, too. (grin)

Plus playing games and eating loads of good food... It doesn't get much better than that. (smile)

I could only wish that every one of my LJ friends would enjoy their own holidays (whichever they celebrate) with as much pleasure and joy as I have this year.

Hugs to all of you.

(And I'll keep you in my prayers tonight. Pleasant dreams!)