December 23rd, 2006

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Animated Holiday Icons!

Time to post a few animated holiday icons, I think. (Only a few snowglobes, I'm afraid...) Not sure if I should bother with more animated Christmas or Hanukkah icons at this point -- but I will if anyone is interested, of course! (After all, there's always next year, too...) Created for sharing at seasonal_icons -- and with my LJ friends, of course. (smile)

Five (5) are Christmas tree icons, three (3) sets of holiday lights, three (3) miscellaneous and a Star of David, for a total of twelve (12). Enjoy!

blinking pine star  no candy canes globe
These plus more under the cut!

WARNING! Looking at all these animated icons at once can make you a little crazy. (grin) I advise you scroll down v-e-r-y   s-l-o-w-l-y.

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Speaking of holiday lights, Marilyn mistressmarilyn, sister Sue and I went to see some lights last night. There are sure a lot out there to view this year. Very pretty! And we're planning to go to the Grotto and the annual Festival of Lights on the 26th. Cloud 9 (the group that sang for the Coronation in 2006 and was in the GFP -- with different boys, of course) will be performing that night...


'Our First Christmas' Icons!

Somebody over at seasonal_icons had posted a request for 'Our First Christmas' icons... I'd link it -- but it looks like it's been deleted! (boo hoo)

I'm really sorry it took me so very long to get to these (busy, busy, busy) -- but anyway, here are 12 Christmas icons that celebrate a romantic first holiday spent together! (smile)

wreath  vintage by tree  puppy
These three, plus more under the cut!

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Being in the new community has been an inspiration to my icon making...