December 17th, 2006

lj -- drive me crazy

Damn LiveJournal! The 'Viewing Option' Revisited...

I'd love to know why it's constantly necessary to reset my personal viewing option to Dystopia (rather than the default Horizon). What gives with that?

I can't even tell you how many times I've had to go to the Viewing Options page and re-select Dystopia.

For the record, I really hate Horizon. Yes, I gave it a try. I gave it more than one try. And I mean serious attempts. (I actually tried it out during the beta stage, which is neither here nor there. But I've done a lot of betaing over the years, so I'm pretty good about trying out new things...)

I recall that I actually did a Support Request about this once, ages ago. The response was pretty dismissive -- and indicated that the fault was on my end. Come again?

Just now I was in the middle of answering a question at l_j_for_dummies, that required me to open several different things at once. The next thing I know, my viewing option has reverted to Horizon. Period. I have to go in and reset it.

Now tell me what the hell I did to cause that? I hadn't refreshed anything. I certainly hadn't messed with my cookies. I don't see how using my browser's tabbed browsing feature would impact it -- do you?

Anyway, it's faulty/buggy. That's all there is to it. No. It's nothing I'm doing -- no matter how much Support wants to believe that (or wants me to believe that). I just don't buy that, frankly. When one second I'm seeing Dystopia and the next I'm seeing Horizon, I'd say it has to be a bug.

Probably most of you are just happily using Horizon, and have no idea why I'm running on about this. (smile) I just like the side panel navigation feature of Dystopia, personally. I think they've made it very hard to find things in the new default view (Horizon). And I want to be able to easily locate everything! (And I do mean everything.) I'm still mad that now when you go to the Site Map you can't locate a link to the Admin Console. (It's not like some of us don't need to use it now and then...)

Okay, we're going to try and do something with sister Sue now (coffee at Starbucks?), so I'd better go get dressed. That's enough ranting for one day, anyway.

(This didn't start out to be a rant, exactly. Just shows you...)


ETA: I hate having to scroll back to the top to select my icon for an entry. (sigh) Oh! And note that my icon deliberately was done in the Dystopia style!

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