December 14th, 2006

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Finished My 2,000 Words!

Hurray! I finally finished my 2,000 words for November. (Yes. I do realize this is December.)

I'm really pleased with what I ended up with this time around. I told Marilyn mistressmarilyn that I could totally imagine it as a story in some women's magazine (like "Women's Day" or something). She agreed with me, so maybe I should submit it somewhere. (grin)

Anyway, the garbage and recycling is finally done. The cat boxes are cleaned and ready to be dirtied again. (smile) My 2,000 (plus) words are done. I've got several boxes of Christmas decorations upstairs so I can start my decorating in the morning. I still need to drag up the vacuum and dusters, but that's no big deal.

I did haul back the (very heavy) unit our neighbors loaned us last night to heat the family room while we waited for the new furnace. I'd hauled it here and downstairs yesterday, and is that thing a bitch to lift and carry! It was really nice of them to let us use it, however.

I'd like to also set up our tree, even if there's no time to decorate it. (It's currently down from the rafters of the garage -- but buried under a stack of things I had to move for the furnace install. (grr)

You know, I do like the fact that we can see the icon we're using in the new Update page! That's cool. And I like my new snowglobe icon I made for Christmas. Even if I haven't finished the tutorial on how to make them yet... (sigh)

It's late and we need to be up early. So I'm off for now!

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Death is Not an End...

Loss is hard. But I strongly believe that death is not the end of any of us. There is a place beyond the mortal coil. Call it Heaven (as I do), or call it whatever you wish -- but I know it's there. It's a good place -- it's a better place. We will all see one another again in that place some day.

I'm so sorry for your loss, Geta ohmorningglory. You and your family are in my prayers today. Well, you're always in my prayers. But I'll say special prayers today, dear friend.

I have that poem I mentioned, but will post it 'Friends Only' after this entry, I think...

Many cyber hugs are winding their way to you right now... Hang in there. It's always so hard at first.


church window (stained glass)

A Poem

I don't know who is the author of this poem I'm about to share. And not every word of it is exactly what I personally believe. But it's given me comfort for many, many years during the loss of various loved ones. So I thought I'd finally share it here.

(It sits right next to my computer monitor all the time, even though I don't read it very often...)

Yes. I decided to make this public after all...

Geta ohmorningglory, I hope you find comfort in reading this... (hugs)

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I am home in Heaven, dear ones;
Oh, so happy and so bright!
There is perfect joy and beauty
In this everlasting light.

Personally, those are the words that comfort me the most. My beloved Aunt Dorothy used to always write 'Dear One' in every card she ever gave to someone, so it always seemed as if this message came directly from her to us...

Happy thoughts to all reading this... Death is just another beginning, after all.