December 9th, 2006

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Friday. (Yes, I know it's now Saturday...)

Friday was nice. Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I slept in late and barely got moving in time to make it to our manicure appointment.

I got my fingernails painted bright red for the holidays!

We ended up at Washington Square shopping at one point, which was fun. It was highly decorated -- very fancy -- for the season.

Then we went to Starbucks, which is always a good thing.

Tonight Marilyn had Amanda over to give her a massage -- the first time ever here at the house. (Amanda comes to the festival office fairly regularly to give staff members massages.) Amanda is so sweet! I served her some of my chai tea -- and gave her some to take home with her, too.

We burned my Dreaming Candle so she could see it. It's so amazing -- turning from one color to another to another as it burns! Very, very pretty. (It was a bday gift from my friend Sandy.) But, my, are they had to locate on line! I'd love to have more -- and Amanda would like to get them to use for her sessions...

Guess what? I got a mistletoe v-gift!!!
mistletoe v-gift

Remember my entry that discussed the most recent news post?

Inside that post was this statement:
The LJ team will be getting into the giving spirit too. We'll send some v-gifts and gift certificates to random commenters to this post (and we know who's been naughty or nice).

So guess who was one of the 'random commenters'? (grin)

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I was very happy to get this surprise gift -- and the pleasant message. As we all know, I'm personally a fan of the virtual gifts. (Which is why I give them, obviously...)


Those interested can see my comment here -- and the answer to it here.

(As both Marilyn and I would sincerely love to get permanent accounts, this was exciting news!)

We need to head to bed as we have very busy day coming up tomorrow. It's filming at the studio that runs all day.

Happily, Marilyn is taking Monday off to help prepare for the new furnace next week! They come to remove the old one on Tuesday -- then install the new one on Wednesday. Exciting, but a bit nerve-wracking, too.

The plumber/rooter guy came yesterday and did the drains. He only charged half price for Marilyn's bathroom sink, so it was less that we expected. That's nice, as I'd tried not to spend the $$$ at all. (sigh) Anyway, I'm back to being able to brush my teeth in my own bathroom again! (smile)

Scarlett actually curled up in the man's lap at one point! While he was using noisy equipment, too. He was shocked, telling me that most pets run when he turns the thing on. He couldn't get over how friendly both cats were...

My friend Martha has The Sims 2 -- and is very hung up on it. I need to sit and give her more advice on playing it. (Yes, I, too, am a Sims geek. Even though I haven't played in maybe two years now...)

Well, time for bed!

(And it's great having "Miami Vice" on DVD now!!! So fun. We've been watching it a ton...)