December 5th, 2006

sister marilyn

Bday Update -- Marilyn mistressmarilyn Rocks!

Guess what was just ordered as (an additional) birthday gift for me, from Marilyn mistressmarilyn???

Corel® Paint Shop Pro® Photo XI!

I'm so excited I'm ready to do cartwheels. (grin)

For those who may not know, Corel bought out JASC some time back. Jasc was the original creator of my (beloved) Paint Shop Pro graphic software that I've been using since version 7. (I already own versions 7, 8 and 9. I never got version X or 10.)

Anyway, they had a Christmas sale on and I was saying how I wanted it -- and she just up and told me she'd get it for me!

Isn't she the best? She really, really is...

Here's What's New in this version...

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It just sounds wonderful to me!!!

I'm so excited to get it and install it. Yes, I prefer to get it on CD, rather than as a download, so I sent for it boxed. After all, I'm famous for crashing my computer and needing to reinstall software... (smile)

Yes, I love this software. It's the perfect gift for me, really.

Marilyn is the best sister and friend ever. I can't even say how much I love this woman. (And admire and respect and just-plain-like her, too.) I'm a very, very lucky person.
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Anonymous Comments...

Anonymous comments to my entries (or anonymous replies to my comments) amuse the hell out of me, just for the record.

Of course, if someone decides to post an anonymous comment to one of my entries, they can bet it's never going to be seen by anyone. Ever. I've got my journal set up to screen them, which only makes sense to me.

Hey, if you don't have the courage of your convictions, then don't bother sharing with me.

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Yes, this was prompted by an anonymous comment I received today. While I know what the entry was that prompted it, I didn't read most of the actual comment. As I said, why should I bother?

Funny, but I generally don't bother to make any of my entries 'friends only.' There's nothing wrong with doing so, however -- and perhaps I should do this more often. (smile) After all, it's certainly unlikely that one of my LJ friends would ever post an anonymous comment...

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! There's a lot to be said for a good laugh, anyway!