December 4th, 2006

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Busy Day...

Thanks for the greetings, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and Geta ohmorningglory -- they are much appreciated!

I'm currently working away at several (sigh) tutorials, including a tutorial on how to create the 'photo edge' effect, as in these icons:




And one how to make 'glass buttons' from an image (without using plugins/filters):


I actually think the button turned out pretty good -- and looks pretty glass-like. It's not that easy to get a glass look in PSP without a plugin, but I came up with this one with trial and error this weekend...

Sister Sue and I are headed to sort through clothes to take to a friend in Milwaukie who needs it. (We'll take the rest this Wednesday to my other friend in Hillsboro, who needs clothes even more -- and some shoes, too.) We'll go to Milwaukie as soon as we're done...

I'm fighting a small bout of vertigo today, I'm afraid. I'm reluctant to take a pill, because they make me so sleepy I have to go to bed afterwards... So I'm struggling through. I want to get these jobs out of the way, come hell or high water.

Sue's excited to get rid of all these large-sized clothes, now that she's skinny! So it works out nice for everyone...

Sue's here! Gotta run!


Birthday, 2006

Not what I planned, exactly... (smile)

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Marilyn has an early-morning meeting tomorrow (what a long day for her!!!) and the next day, too. So she plans to wash her hair tonight, too, so she doesn't have to get up and do it in the morning. It's a plan! (grin)

My big (and much anticipated) present -- from Marilyn -- will be purchased tomorrow, when it becomes available: "Miami Vice"

I. Can. Hardly. Wait! (smile)

She's buying me both versions, too! Excited, excited, excited!

Time to wash my hair!