December 1st, 2006

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More Chips!

Well guess who phoned on my cell today? You never will, as it came as a complete surprise for me!

Tom called and we talked until his cellphone died -- and he'd just snuck over here and dropped off a small box of chips as a gift. Keep in mind that 'small' is a relative term, as there's nothing small about it -- except that compared to some of the other boxes he's brought here. But he warned me there were no Dill Pickle Chips (oh no!!!) when we talked. (grin)

Yes. I'm hooked. I may need to join a group, or something, to help me eat less of these...

But there were many, many delightful choices in the box! I'm eating a small bag of Cheetos as I type this, actually. And Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I shared a bag of Fritos earlier! (heh)

It was great to hear his voice again. Such a wonderful guy.

And speaking of wonderful guys, we got a small card from Mitch in the mail yesterday -- and I'm wondering out loud to Marilyn if it could be a Christmas card. Turned out to be a card officially announcing that Mitch is on board with Century 21 -- that included his new photo business card! The picture of him is great, by the way.

That reminded me that we've yet to take him to dinner to celebrate his new job -- and passing his test with flying colors. In fact, I haven't spoken to him since Thanksgiving Day...

Oh! And I got my first card (plus a box of gifts) in the mail yesterday from my friend Sandy, who lives in Massachutes. I need to phone her, as well -- and can't recall the last time we talked.

Sister Sue apparently tried to phone while Marilyn and I were napping (it's now close to 8 p.m.), wanting to go out for Mexican food for dinner. (I just talked to her.) I told her we hadn't had dinner yet, so... (Marilyn is still asleep -- and I was literally a sandwich with either of the cats lying right up against me.)

I love having a nap with my sweet babies!

And I need to make a separate entry about the people who are coming to do the drains next week, as they phoned to change the appointment earlier...

Now I think I'll tackle one of my (many) tutorials for PSP that I'm working on. Sue wants us to jump on and play Slingo with her later, so we'll see!