November 11th, 2006

autumn sunshine


Literally. (grin)

We've been off line since last night... (sigh)

I was trying to do some things at LJ -- and Marilyn mistressmarilyn was trying to game online with our sister Sue. But we kept losing our connection. Over and over and over again!

I kept recycling the router, but that was just burning my ass, considering it's a brand new router!

But when you're losing the internet connection every few minutes, you finally throw in the towel -- which is what we did.

So it's currently around 2 p.m. our time and I've finally fixed it -- I think! I guess only time will tell for sure...

Becky beckyo, I tried repeatedly to respond to your filtered post from yesterday -- just so you know. I felt awful not to comment. What I find really interesting is that Marilyn and I were just talking about you and your church situation at great length yesterday. Seriously! Maybe you were sending vibes our way, I don't know. But there don't seem to be many coincidences in this world... (hugs)

So I've just moved a ton of (very heavy) furniture around in our office, in order to fix this. It occurred to me that it might be the surge protectors. I'm not 100% sure that this is true, but as I said, time will tell!

Of course, nothing is easy. (grin) in the process of moving furniture I spilled a ton of water on the floor -- with all those power cords everywhere! (yikes)

Well, everything is back in place now. And we're connected again. So...

I need to color my hair. Marilyn's at her own hair appointment as we speak.

Then this afternoon/evening we have the gathering to attend in honor of our recently deceased friend Wayne.

Yesterday (November 10) was the anniversary of the death of Dorothy, mother of my friend June. And I neglected to phone her! At least we did talk at length today. It's been two years and June still mourns her loss so much...

Well, I need to finish putting things back where they belong. It looks like a bomb went off in this room! (smile)

Then hopefully tomorrow I can catch up here with my LJ friends. And maybe do some NaNo writing!

charlie 2012 beige

Nope. Still Disconnected... (sigh)

That wasn't the problem, I'm afraid.

So what the hell is it???

Excuse me for being annoyed, but I just moved a ton of heavy furniture around only to discover it didn't help one bit. (sigh)

Well, it's probably the modem. Which isn't all that easy to replace, as I recall. (We've had to replace it once before.) And it's not just a case of buying a new one, pluging it in and being good to go, either.


Well, as long as I'm willing to keep recycling, we're good to go for now. Sort of. (ugh)

I have another couple of thoughts I'd like to try before I give up and assume it's the modem. I'm thinking it might be the cord that connects the modem to the router. (But I doubt it.)

Or it might be the power source to the router. (Which makes no sense, as it's brand new...)

Anyway, never say die! (grin)