November 6th, 2006


Happy Birthday!

Birthday greetings to friend kellygreen! I hope you had a really lovely day -- and that you'll have a wonderful coming year! (smile)

Happy Birthday, kellygreen!!!

As I said I would, I made you a few icons in honor of your birthday -- you can use them or not, as you wish!

icon gift

icon gift

icon gift

By the way -- I've got another picture from the movie "Wilde" -- plus some nice photos of the real Oscar Wilde... So let me know if you'd be interested and I'll whip you up more icons! (smile)


I hope you enjoyed your day!

I've had a bitch of a time posting here today... (sigh) Sorry about the delay in sharing this!
church window (stained glass)

Rest in Peace, dear friend Wayne...

We got word this morning that our friend Wayne finally lost his battle with pulmonary fibrosis, Saturday morning. Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have known him for more than 20 years -- he was a very special friend.

our friend, Wayne

What an interesting man with the most wonderful stories to tell! How I'll miss talking with him...

He suffered a great deal in the past couple of years -- but especially during this last year (and festival). Wayne loved being active and involved in things, so it was hard for him when he had so slow down so much! But he still attended events and did his part, even so.

Poor Marilyn. It was very hard on her when he could no longer climb the stairs to her office to chat with her...

The last we'd heard he seemed to be doing so much better -- and he'd been talking about his plans for the festival in 2007. He'll be missed during the Centennial more than I can say. (sigh)

But I'm glad he's out of pain. And I know he'll always be around the festival in spirit.

He asked that there be no memorial service, which is hard on those of us who remain behind. But his wife Judy is going to host people in their home next Saturday evening. I suppose that's a more appropriate closure, anyway. Wayne loved to party! (smile)

God bless, Wayne! I hope to see you again someday -- but not too soon, not too soon...
lj -- drive me crazy

Good Old LJ... Thanks for Nothing. (sigh)

I can think of a lot better days for LJ to act up, frankly, considering I had a number of things I wanted -- and needed -- to share. (An LJ bday, death of a close friend, weather that made the national news and more...)

Well, that's how it goes, I guess...

I guess I've come to count on LiveJournal to be reliable, so it bugs when it's a hassle to do things here. (sigh)

go me!

I Made a Movie!

Thanks to our new camera... our new camera - small
(click the small image of a camera to visit the official Canon website description)

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...I was able to make a couple of movies of our cats, Kittie Scarlett and Colin Kitty. (smile)

The first one was very (very) short -- and not all that great. But I'm excited with the way the second one turned out! So I thought I'd share it here with all of you. (Okay, it's not that great, but what the hell -- it's only the second time I've ever made a movie.)

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So I didn't get much done today, but at least I made that little movie... (heh)