October 21st, 2006

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Busy Day... More Furnace Bids... Words about the Cats!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I both slept in this morning, thankfully. I'm still not recovered from this damn bug and am constantly fatigued, so the more sleep I get the better. And she had another hard, hard week, so I'm sure she could use the sleep.

I haven't mentioned our cat Colin nearly enough here. He's a wonderful addition to our family and we all love him to pieces. But he's such a handful! His new trick is to go into my bathroom (the upstairs bathroom near the living room) and pull the toilet paper off the roll. I'll go in and discover a pile of paper on the floor and an empty cardboard on the holder. Or like I just did, part of a roll still up and the rest on the floor. It's a tad wasteful and annoying!

Or Colin will climb the stack of oversized books we have in one corner of the living room that sits next to our large vase containing curly willow branches. Then he'll break off pieces of the branches and chew on them and scatter them all over the floor. (When I catch him precariously balanced on the edge of that vase I tend to freak out, I admit. I'm sure he's going to dump it over and break that huge vase -- and it's going to be a big mess if he does!)

Colin also loves to play with my plants, breaking off chunks in the process. Or pull leaves off them. There are constantly pieces of plants scattered all over the living room floor now. (sigh) My poor plants are getting a bit trashed.

He has a tendency to go almost anywhere and everywhere, loves to climb and is curious as hell. So I'm shouting at him all the time -- or trying to grab him and pull him out of harm's way! One of the amusing things is how often when I scold Colin, Scarlett will come over and really chew me out for doing it! Sometimes she'll even bite my ankle! (yikes)

Life is never dull around Colin...

I got another furnace bid today. And had another guy out to look and get the info needed to do a bid. Both people were here for around an hour each...

I was impressed by Patty and how she'd done her homework since I saw her last! She'd done three separate bids, plus given me info about rebates if we decide on gas.

I went next door to see June and Jim today, too. They were having a lovely new front door installed.

Marilyn went in to work this afternoon and stayed for the first auditions. The good news is that they postponed tomorrow's auditions, so neither of us have to go to work tomorrow! Go us. (smile)

It's supposed to be nice weather this weekend! Hurray!

I made a new text blur animated icon -- and started a tutorial on how to create the effect. I've seen these around, but never bothered to try making one until the question was asked at the psp9_fun community. (Typical.) Anyway, it was fun and easy to make, so you can expect to see me with more of these around... (grin)

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Almost Time to Vote, Americans!


So because the issue of voting is an important one to me, I think I'll post regularly to encourage others to vote, too.

My non-American friends will hopefully bear with me. While the people of other voting nations seem to take that responsibility to heart, it isn't always true here in the U.S., believe it or not. (sigh)

Check out the video under the cut, please!

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I think I'll make some icons (etc.) that support voting. If anyone would like to have one, please let me know!site stats