October 19th, 2006

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Another Tutorial for psp7_beginners -- and Furnace Bid from Dave.

I'm showing some productivity for the psp7_beginners community right now -- wouldn't you agree? (smile)

My latest tutorial shows how to create gold text, which ends up looking like this:
click me to see the full size image!
(click me to see the full size image)

Those interested can see the new tutorial here.

Considering I just posted that other tutorial yesterday, I think I'm doing rather well... (Forgive my bragging, please!)

Of course, no one commented on yesterday's tutorial, so I've no clue if anyone liked it or not! That's often true, I'm afraid -- which I think is one of the reasons we get so few tutorials posted by other people (besides me) to any of the three Paint Shop Pro communities (I help moderate). (sigh)

Well, tutorial writers like feedback, of course. I don't blame them -- I do, too! And when you've got more than a thousand members, you'd think at least one or two would post every time there's a new tutorial shared. But that's simply not the case.

I'm pretty used to it, thankfully! I often get comments years after I've posted a tutorial, which is just as meaningful to me as the comments I get immediately after I've done one.

Still, as I've noted, comments help to motivate tutorial writers -- and that does include me!

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I had Furnace Bid Appointment #2 today at 1:00 p.m. with Dave. I really liked him, too, just like I liked Patty yesterday.

Dave actually wrote up a proposal today, so I'm sure Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I will be discussing that subject further tomorrow.

And sister Sue took me to my hair cut appointment this afternoon. Actually, we ran another errand (health insurance related) first, then went to Starbucks for coffee. (Well, I had chai tea, rather than the iced latte I'd have loved to have. Still don't dare have cold because of my throat...)

Then after I got my hair cut and we went to the store for more Dill Pickle flavored Lays Potato Chips. Yes, I'm hooked! (grin) Then finally back home where Sue hung out until time to go to cribbage and I forced myself to color my hair. (For whatever reason, I always have to force myself to color my hair. It's such a chore...)

Marilyn had another extremely busy day at work and is currently sleeping on the sofa in the family room. I imagine the two cats are with her, as they're not upstairs here with me.

Oh! Dave thinks the old furnace is dangerous, by the way. Marilyn's believed that for ages, so I'm glad we're finally getting this done!

He did two bids -- one for oil and another for gas. He was really pushing gas, but we're both seriously set on staying with oil.

I need to set up those other appointments for next week so we can make a choice and get going on this!!! It's going to be a headache, as there will be tons of things to move before it can be done. All the furniture in that room will have to be shoved to one side while they haul out the old furnace. (Plus the things I've stored in the closet that adjoins the furnace space.) What a ton of work. (yikes) But it's going to be worth it, I know.

Another rainy day here. But we're supposed to have nice weather this weekend! (My fingers are crossed!) Hope so. (grin)

I have a list of things I've neglected to post about recently, so hopefully I'll get to those soon...

Special hugs to any of my LJ friends who are currently sick. And hugs to the rest of you, too. (smile) Don't let the flu (colds/whatever) get you down!site stats